Who is Jella Stewart? lol

Since we all love deets on "anything Kristen" and I have been receiving quite a lot of inquiries about Jella. Thanks to Elle UK, Kristen's puss is now sharing attention with his momma and that "deliciously handsome young man".

I believe he was named Max before and that he is a tomcat, thus the size. He is "huge-cute". I'm not sure how confused he was when he was later called Jella. Well, Jella can be a boy's name, show me a book that says it can't be so. lol

Now, we understand why Rob had to learn "eyezapping" on Jimmy Fallon,  Jella has neon eyes. lol

You can spot Jella at 1:22,

And here is a funny manip with DHYM (deliciously, handome young man).  Nope, Jella is not obese.  He is one sexy puss.  Thanks to @KStewsPuss for that info, haha. Btw, you can "paw pump" with him/her on twitter, loads of fun!

Manip courtesy of LaGraNfiche