Full Details of the Eclipse Event in Stockholm With Taylor and Kristen

Press Release from the swedish Distributor (Nordisk Film)

Monday, June 21 Twilight fans are invited into a big event at Hovet in Stockholm in the presence of the actors Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob). The two movie stars will travel to Stockholm for the theatrical release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: Eclipse, the third installment in the Twilight Saga. The previous movies Twilight and New Moon were both great successes of the cinema audience in Sweden.

During the visit to Stockholm to attend the Twilight Fan Event at Hovet in Stockholm, where they will participate in a question and answer session for fans. The program also has live music from the films and an exclusive first showing of clips from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.

Tickets for Twilight Fan Event is free and released Thursday, June 3rd at 8:00 pm Movie City Sergel Stockholm, Bergakungen in Gothenburg and Movie City Main Street in Malmo. Seating is limited, maximum two tickets per person. Age limit 13 years.

The first 150 of Filmstaden Sergel and the first 50 on Bergakungen respective Filmstaden Main Street gets 2 VIP tickets for the row, closest to the stage.

The rest of the country implemented sweepstakes and contests on the Twilight Fan Event Tickets on Bioklubben and together with partners, more details emerge on sf.se in each city.

Twilight Fan Event is a joint arrangement between Zap Events, Nordisk Film, SF Bio.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE will have its world premiere June 30th!