Twilight Q and A: Behind-the-Scene Report

NovaFM Are they dating? Even though Robert Pattinson wasn’t sitting beside his Twilight co-stars tonight at Sydney’s Luna Park, trust us, the question about his relationship with the awkward Kristen Stewart was lingering on everyone’s lips.

And as the “bedroom scene” from the upcoming Eclipse movie played out on the big screens, off-camera we saw a frazzled Kristen Stewart mouth the words “Here we go!” to Taylor Lautner, who promptly put his arm around her and gave his mate what looked like a comforting squeeze. Whether this means she was once again dreading the expected questions about her off-screen romance with the once tousled-haired hottie (who just shaved his head for a new movie), we have no idea. If Rob had been there, we might have had the chance to psychoanalyse him too, but he wasn’t, dammit. What do you think?

It was actually quite cringe-worthy watching Kristen at times tonight. OK, she’s on a tight schedule and has been busy doing movie promo stuff for days – including an exclusive interview with Nova’s Ryan, Monty and Wippa today, but whereas Taylor is all smiles and full-moon grins for the cameras, Kristen talks with all the grace of a car crash victim at times. Bless her. She shuffles in her seat, legs crossed, fingers in her hair or on her face, nervously moving her body in every which way she can to mentally block the fact that she is where she is. But to be fair, she’s being forced to live in the spotlight, like a terrified rabbit in a science lab. How would you like it, being prodded, poked and tormented by people with flashlights and occasionally, evil intentions?

The media’s been pretty tough with Kristen. She’s criticised for talking, criticised for not talking, and asked silly questions all the time, like “Who’s your fashion role model?” It’s no wonder she flipped the bird last night from her balcony at the Park Hyatt hotel. Imagine having the paps hovering outside your window when you’re trying to wind down. Want a sneaky ciggie in private? Forget about it. The birth of the telephoto lens and instant Internet access put a stop to that little trick ages ago!

Back to Kristen’s fashion role model. She doesn’t have one, actually. When asked tonight at Luna Park, she threw the question back at the girl who asked it, who consequently didn’t have an answer either. “See how tough it is?” Kristen told her, smiling. To be fair, the poor girl is asked a lot of other stuff any girl at all wouldn’t want to answer on a stage in front of 400 people!

She still looked gorgeous sat amongst the lucky audience in the Big Top tonight, however! In her black top and yellow skirt, hair pulled back, her skin looked almost as bright as Taylor’s, who rocked a greeny brown jacket and answered every question like an articulate man, rather than the teenage boy who was first thrust into this million dollar franchise! Taylor revealed his favourite book of the series was Eclipse (Kristen’s was New Moon), while Kristen admitted she didn’t get to take part in much of the action during the filming for Eclipse:

“They’d all go off to fight camp and learn this and that, and I’d be like, well, I’ll just read my book,” she laughed. Well, we know Bella needs protection. Wouldn’t want her getting hurt – that’s what Edward and Jacob are fighting for, at the end of the day, right?

The fans were a screaming mass of energy tonight, the media were as snap happy in their raincoats as the teenage girls were, holding signs reading statements like “Jacob, I wanna have your puppies” and “Werewolves do it better!” After the 45 minute Q&A, Kristen and Taylor spent about 20 minutes on the red carpet (more like a rain-soaked black walkway!) signing posters, DVDs and getting their photos taken with fans. One girl even got to hand Kristen a birthday book she’d made for her in April but didn’t get round to mailing: “Kristen took it off me, and she couldn’t believe it, she said thanks! I got 80 people from my twitter group to write a page each, and now, she has it. I can’t believe it!” she told us, as her friend showed us a photo she had taken with Kristen, who was grinning like mad, for once.

There’s more madness for the Twilight twosome tomorrow as they appear on Sunrise at 6.30am, and talk to Merrick, Dools and Ricki-Lee from Nova fm. You know where to come for the updates!

The Twilight Saga’s Eclipse is released in cinemas on July 1st, 2010.