GossipCop Busts Fox411's Rob and Reese Rumor

GossipCop Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon are working together on Water for Elephants.

They previously worked together on the film, Vanity Fair.

But Pattinson and Witherspoon are not getting together romantically, as the Fox411 blog would like its readers to believe.

According to a post today, “The chemistry between the two so far is ‘magic.’”

Uh, they’re actors.

Nevertheless, the site has a so-called “insider” who warns, “Reese’s agent boyfriend Jim Toth had better watch out or he could lose his girl to the gentle charms of the man who plays the world’s most famous vampire!”

“Rob is not dating anyone,” adds Fox411’s alleged source.

Really? No one?

The post then ends, “Could ‘Elephants’ help turn Pattinson, 24, and Witherspoon, 34, into Hollywood’s latest June-September romance? Stranger things have happened.”

Actually, what’s stranger is the nonsensical implication that Pattinson and Witherspoon are heading for a hook-up just because they share the screen.

Back in reality, Witherspoon is happily involved with Toth, and by all accounts, the relationship is moving in the right direction.

And Pattinson also seems quite happy to be around Kristen Stewart.

Thanks GossipCop!  I just wish you poked fun on Wax Rob, representing Rob in this Fox411's article. lol