Kristen and Taylor's MovieFix Interview Link and Transcript

Watch HERE I will post once a YT version is available.

Special thanks to Frances/FT87 for transcribing.

Interviewer: Guys, thanks for speaking to Movie fix and welcome to Australia.

K and T: Thank you

I: New Moon ends with Edward proposing to Bella, what can fans expect for Eclipse?
T: A lot!
K: *laughs*
T: A lot! A lot more! It’s really the height of the love triangle in the series. The 3 of them are physically together the entire time, so it adds a lot of tension and difficult choices for this one.
K: Yeah, you’re not quite sure what decision she’s going to make at the end of that. But at the same time she hasn’t really indulged herself in terms of actually considering Jacob as a real thing, and in the third one she can’t get away from him and it’s like “Oh, ok, this is actually more real than I thought”

I: Speaking of not being able to get away from him there’s the infamous tent scene where the 3 of you are camping out in the snow. What was that like to film?
T: It was a lot of fun. It was. For me it’s just because it was the first time that Jacob and Edward are actually able to connect on a level, and share their feelings with one another. And it’s tense. It’s really tense!
K: And it’s in a tent!
T: And it’s also funny too, it’s really funny, just because of the situation. It’s my favourite scene.

I: Taylor, you’ve only just turned 18, what does your family think about you being regarded as an international sex symbol?
K: *Laughs* When you were 17 too!
T: The good thing is my family life and friends, hasn’t changed at all. Nothing. I describe it as 2 different words. I have this new, exciting Twilight world and then I go back to my regular life and everything’s the same.

I: Speaking of regular life, what kind of things do you like to do in your down time? Do you get some down time, still?
T: A little bit.
K: Yeah, definitely.
T: I like to do nothing.
K: Yeah me too, I LOVE doing nothing!
T: It’s one of the best things to do.
K: I’ve become obsessed with the Food Network.
T: *laughs*

I: Are you a good cook?
K: I think I am! Yeah. I’ve been cooking a lot and it’s totally random but what do I do? I don’t know.
T: I thought that was cool.

I: Kristen, there’s some challenging scenes coming up for Bella as the series comes to an end, how are you planning to tackle Breaking Dawn.
K: It’s funny, for Bella it’s not... by the time Breaking Dawn comes, it’s weird, it’s like everyone else has to work out their issues around her but she’s like, I’ve created this world for myself, I’ve set up this little foundation and I hope everyone’s cool with it. *laughs* And also, the baby thing, I can’t wait to see how they do the little kid, little Renesmee. It’s gonna be a trip to be pregnant.

I: Totally!
K: I’m 20. It’s just weird. And Yeah, all of it. It’s definitely gonna be a challenge.

I: From a fan’s perspective, there are Twihards, Twimoms and even wolfpacks now in the US, what’s the weirdest fan experience you’ve had so far?
T: It would be impossible to choose one.
K: *Cracks up laughing* That’s funny!
T: *laughs* What? There’s so many good ones, and different ones. The funny thing is every country you go to, it’s different, the way the fans show their passion. So it’s interesting to travel the world and experience the different passion levels and the way they choose to show it.

I: When the series comes to an end do you think you’ll be relieved or will you miss it?
T: I’ll miss it. I’ll miss just the experience and filming the movies with these guys. I don’t know. I can’t imagine saying goodbye to it.
K: Yeah it’s gonna be weird to not have the part to play anymore. It’s gonna be weird to have the story be told. You have that with any movie no matter how long it is, but this has been going on for so long that it’s definitely gonna be a trip and I’ll totally be sad about it.

I: And finally you both know Stephenie Meyer personally, do you think there’s any chance of any more Twilight books in the future, and if so, would you like to be part of any movies?
T: That’s a good question. I’d definitely want to be part of them. I don’t know, I guess that’s a good question for her.
K: If she kept writing Twilight books I would totally play Bella if they asked me to!
T: There’d be some interesting places to go.
K: Yeah, but I bet if you asked her (because I've asked her this before)

I: What did she say?
K: But no, I don't want to say for sure because who knows, she may wake up tomorrow and be like "No, Kristen, shut up!”
T: “I had a dream!”
K: Yeah! “I had a dream!" *laughs* Yeah exactly. But who knows?"

I: Brilliant. Thank you very much.
T: Thank you.