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Update: Kris and Rob will reunite on Wednesday/Thursday and are leaving next weekend for Paris for an early honeymoon, err... New Moon promo duties haha. You wish. Then London for Rob on November 11, I still have to verify if Kristen will be with him to meet the parents, errr... for New Moon promo duties again. What the Forks is happening to me? lol.

OK! New Moon Special - Rob Interview

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Rob's article translated!
“I’ve been kicked in the butt many times”

Is that frustrating?

It’s weird. It’s like when I live my hotel after months, just to go
get dinner or do something not that interesting. And it’s still talked about. I have a couple of friends from school that live in Vancouver, and when I went to their house, really something without importance, all of a sudden it was everywhere. It’s like the more boring you are, the more you catch people’s attention. It’s funny.

Do you think it will be hard for you to fall in love, now that you’re so famous?
No, I don’t think it’s an obstacle. It’s easy to deal with those types of things (the fame), except when it affects your career. There’s people that have no luck, and the media makes sure to make them look like idiots. If this happens, you’re never gonna have work, because everyone looks at you like an idiot! You can get angry, but there’s nothing you can do. (At least you answered it, cool way to downplay the question, btw.- Shau)

Can you tell if girls are really interested in you, or your fame?
If they’re attractive, I don’t care if they’re only interested in Robert the actor! (laughs), although I would rather they like me for who I am. (That is just too hard Rob..err. What is there not to like, gah!)

Do you see yourself as an idol?
No, not at all. I know people have said that, but I’ve never thought about myself that way. The fact that I’ve never before been cast in roles as the “good looking guy” says something no? (It's either you're too humble for your own good or you haven't heard of Cedric Diggory)

How does it feel to be the fantasy of millions of girls?
It’s funny, because I’m sure that if the people outside (the fans), came and sat with me for five minutes, the illusion would be erased. (Is that a dare Rob? You might want to change your mind on that one)

So you think your fans would be disappointed if they met you?
Of course! they probably would. There’s no way to be what people want you to be, because everyone has their own point of view about me. Even though people don’t really know what they want, they still expect some kind of illusion. The real me is not a fantasy.. I think. (What are you talking about? You are waaay too humble)

You’ve said before that during ‘Twilight’, it took you two weeks to get into character. What about this time around?
I went to Canada about a month before filming started, and I was surprised as how relaxed I was, and how easy it was to get to that place again. Maybe because I connected more with the second book than with the first. I understood the story and the motivations better, because all those emotions I can relate to, in my own life. Like when Edward thinks he’s making the wrong decision by leaving Bella, but he still does it. I think every guy would do the same in their relationships. It’s like you’re obligated to mess it all up!, and I can understand that, because I always mess things up! It’s how it happens! ( Don't you dare mess up this one with your non-girlfriend girlfriend!)
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Rob Off To Japan

Japan is the place to be.
The Robster is coming.
Don't you guys notice that he is uses Kristen's NY cap whenever they're away from each other? Must be his comfort blankie, err rather comfort cappie lol.
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Rob: The Vanity Fair Cover

The wait is over.

New Moon Is Starting To Break Records

When it comes to viewing movie trailers online, nothing can top “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” According to Variety, the trailer for the upcoming pic starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner recorded over 25 million views last week. That marks a new record for online traffic, beating out the previous one of 21 million set. of course, by “New Moon” the week before.

November will mark the biggest round of publicity for “New Moon” to date, as some of the film’s stars will apear in Nordstrom stores around the country in addition to appearing on “The Today Show” in the days leading up to the film’s release on November 20. Until that day comes, we may as well expect the current record to again be broken.

Just for the sake of reference, “Michael Jackson: This Is It” managed slightly less than 2.5 million views over the past week, making it a very distant second place.source

A cute New Moon yearbook! from tayloraddiction

RobSten Vid: True

From my awesome Japanese friend, Maika. I so missed her vids. Again, fall in love with Rob and Kristen! Visit her channel here at patty13Mai . Hello and welcome to Preboomer, Mayhemonte!

UPDATE: From Just Jared, Rob and Kristen were just two of the lucky stars to check out a final cut of their upcoming flick The Twilight Saga: New Moon at Color By Design in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (October 30).

Before he arrived, Robert, 23, was the center of attention at his local Rite Aid. Surrounded by bodyguards and fans alike, Robert just made it to the screening with Kristen and good pal Taylor Lautner.

After the screening, Kristen and Taylor made their way back to LAX airport in Los Angeles en route to Brazil for promo. The duo arrived earlier this morning in Sao Paulo, Brazil. According to Ego, Kristen was pleasantly surprised about all the fans waiting.

Billy Burke Talks About Rob

E! News (10-30-09) Billy Burke Talks About Rob
Uploaded by officialspunkransom. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

Billy talks about his on-screen son-in-law, Robward's musical talent. Aww, that is just cute.

Thanks to our affiliate Kristin of spunkransom

Kristen and Taylor Arrive in Sao Paolo

Watch the chaotic airport scene here. Poor Kristen and Tay.

Mundane Rob Shops At RIte Med

Rob was spotted with a Rite Aid bag with some meds and maybe some vitamins, X17 points out to a Robitussin inside his bag. Maybe he has a cold, but dear Rob still enjoyed a puff. Kristen is miles away Rob baby so you better take care of yourself.
I think I may need some ROBitussin as well, like GuitarJen "waves" lol. Hello to GiGi, too.

Kristen Off To Brazil. Chris Weitz Shares Filming Deets

Kristen if off to Brazil to be with Taylor for New Moon promo, starts with a press conference in São Paulo November 1. That is THIS Sunday! source

Chris Weitz Shares NM filming details.
USA Weekend The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Nov. 20) For efficiency's sake, all scenes with water effects were shot in a single day in this sequel to last year's vampire hit. "One scene called for Kristen Stewart to float completely still in a pool under 12 feet of water," director Chris Weitz says. "She seemed apprehensive, so I thought, 'I'll show her it's no big deal' and put on a wet suit. I was at the bottom for no time at all before I freaked out." Weitz adjusted the shot; now she floats atop the water. "I learned my lesson: Never ask an actor to do anything you won't do yourself."

Ulalume Tribute - Rob Piano Sexy

And once again, let's give it up for...
Rob's Ulalume tongue appearance. LOL.
Does he even have the slightest clue of what he does to us?
This is just a sexy photo, don't you guys think so?
I don't know why Rob and a piano just belong soooo good together. Dirty thoughts lol.
I can't wait for more Vanity Fair outtakes.

Ted C Reports: Rob and Kristen Holed Up at Chateau Marmont!

Obviously not the Chateau Marmont scene lol, I just feel so good, looking at this photo and reading Ted Casablanca's latest RobSten update! It is a wonderful Halloween, everyone.

If RobSten will be out tonight "trick or treatin", uhmm any costume suggestions for the couple?

Ted C E!OnLine reports. "Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart wasted no time, um, possibly getting to business, once they landed in L.A. yesterday. Think they're finally answering our pleas to show us all a li'l more kissy stuff?

After they wrapped Eclipse early Thursday morning, the duo left Vancouver only to check in to the Chateau Marmont together yesterday afternoon.

Check it out:
A source close to the couple tells us that Rob and Kristen were driven into Chateau's private valet Thursday evening.
"They went straight up to a room," says a hotel source. "No one saw them the rest of the night."

Why are we not surprised?
We're told Robsten were not seen leaving the hotel, nor were they spotted in the public lobby area last night.

Today, Rob's been spotted running errands, and Kristen found time to stop by her parents' house.
If you remember, the Chateau was their hotel of choice when they shacked up together the weekend of the Teen Choice Awards.

Hopefully Rob and Kristen are managing to get some rest because they have a whirlwind next couple of weeks.
We're told the two will be hitting the road next week for New Moon promos before coming back to L.A. in a few weeks for the N.M. junket and premiere.

Vanity Fair Preview Screencaps

Caps from everglow Enhanced top pic fromThinking of Rob
Happy Halloween everyone!

Vanity Fair Picture Puzzle Cover- Rob's Eye

As if we need more clues! But its okay, we enjoy games that involve The Robster.

Rob Pap Vid - All Smiley

I know its a pap vid but Rob is all smiley, so I'm not feeling all that guilty :)

I'm back my lovelies- missed you all like hell!

Cute Fan Encounter

From Celebshorts "
And then...in he walked, just like the cafeteria scene in Twilight where he looked amazingly gorgeous and seemed to float on air. Rob Pattinson (aka Edward Cullen) was wearing a ballcap, his usual multi-layer collage of t-shirts (top layer accurately buttoned I might add), a black leather jacket, jeans and his black Nike's. He was accompanied by Kristen Stewart (aka Bella Swan) who was wearing a gray jacket, a black bustier and jeans.

For all you Robsten fans out there, I will say that there was no conclusive evidence of an intimate relationship between the two of them, but they did stand snuggly close together at times. There - is that enough for you guys to analyze for a few days?! Read more here

MTV Ulalume: New Moon Cast New Bday Clip

OMFRP - it's the tongue!

Thanks Jen of MyRobPattinson for the vids.

Rob, Kristen, and Taylor Out and About

More at ROBsessed.
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Kellan Lutz Talks RPattz

Here is an excerpt, go to Vanity Fair for the full article.

How do the Cullens rev each other up before shooting a scene?

We really have everything down. We dissect it through rehearsals before we go about it. When we’re on set, we kind of joke around, and when we’re rehearsing, we change up the scenes and make each other laugh. We lighten up the mood. The blooper reel is going to be amazing on New Moon.
What scenes have been the most fun to shoot?

Well, the scenes that the Cullens are in are very crucial and epic. The scenes in New Moon are very close to the book. What we Cullens deal with—like the birthday scene—are very crucial for the audience; they’re going to be there with us. They’re all my favorites, but particularly Jackson, when he turns bloodthirsty in the birthday scene.

Have you seen New Moon yet?

Yeah, I love it. Chris Weitz did an amazing job, and I love the werewolves. There’s so much action, and I’m an action junkie, so the wolves really do a great job. Taylor [Lautner] is amazing. He’s a movie star. Fans are going to see this over and over again because of what he brings to the movie.

So, before you go, let’s do some wordplay. I’m going to give you the name of one of your fellow actors, and I need you to give me one word to describe them, starting with Jackson Rathbone [“Jasper Hale”].
Ah, mysterious.

Elizabeth Reaser.

Peter Facinelli
Do you want to guess what word Peter chose for you?
Meathead. Something to do with working out or playing jokes.

He chose “goofy.”
Goofy. (Laughs)

Ok, Ashley Greene.
Best friend.

Kristen Stewart.

Taylor Lautner.

Rob Pattinson.
Immensely blessed and talented. If you can just hyphen those into one word.

Rob: Vanity Fair Pics

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Rob's Vanity Fair Vid

Elizabeth Reaser Talks Rob and Kristen

She may be the sweet, smiling matriarch of the most beloved vampire family in the world, but that doesn’t mean Elizabeth Reaser can’t still be a badass.

With just a few weeks remaining before New Moon hits theaters, we caught up with the 34-year-old actress sometimes known as Mrs. Esme Cullen during her final days on the “Eclipse” set. During an exclusive chat with MTV News, Reaser was eager to talk about ripping apart mountain lions, asking for Robert Pattinson’s autograph.

MTV: Do you own any “Twilight” memorabilia?
Reaser: My mom bought some Esme bracelets. I’m sure I could borrow one from her if I wanted to. But I don’t have any memorabilia. I have my director’s chair [backing]. But I should get something, take something back from set — maybe I could get Rob to sign it.

MTV: Finally, what in your opinion is the secret behind the success of the “Twilight Saga”?
Reaser: Well, I think the success of the “Saga” is the books. The books are just beautiful, amazing, great storytelling, and Stephenie is a great writer. And then, I think we got incredibly lucky with Kristen and Rob — they’re just great actors, and you just can’t not fall in love with them and want them to be together. You get invested in the two of them. That has a lot to do with it, and people are just really into vampires, so I think that has something to do with it. The Cullens, they’re an interesting group of vampires. They’re all really good, but kind of bad. I mean, they are still vampires. I imagine Esme going out in the middle of the night and ripping apart a mountain lion. That’s kind of fascinating.
Read the full interview at Thinking of Rob