Kristen Arriving At Home Today. That Zoom Interview...

On this post from Twilight Poison. There is an interview with Kristen from Zoom Star magazine from France.

People say you have a relationship with Robert Pattinson. Is this true?

Oh no not again this question! (laughs) I know everyone wishes we were together right now. But we’re not. We’re just friends, that’s all. Many girls persue Rob and they are very jealous. But no, I’m not going out with him. Click for the full interview here

What's your take, ladies? I need your opinion. She did not dodge it. Answers it directly. Uhmm.

Update! I have been searching high and low if this interview is really new. I have been receiving tips that this interview is rehashed -gah! Thanks to Anon and Ines for the tips, I am sifting through old interviews relentlessly so we can analyze this. Allegedly, as Anon tipped, this is from an old March interview which initially appeared in French BOP.
We all know lots of good thing happened since March, right? Will keep you posted...
To Anon and Ines, you are my lifesavers.