Rob: Elle Cannes Interview Part 2 - Soundbite. KISS Mag HQ Scan.

From Robsessed. Thanks Gozde.

Part 2 of the Maria Lindhom Interview in Cannes
Maria: OK, here is the second clip from my interview with Robert Pattinson! It is sort of a continuation of the last one, he speaks about his new fame and how you can´t prepare for it, about his fans, the first experience at Comicon and also, if he had known Twilight was going to be such a a massive hit, would he have done anything different?

By the way, our new reader Courtney Doyle just got her new Irish KISS Mag and she sent us a better quality scan. We are featuring it again because we just can't get enough of this Peggy Sirota shoot. Welcome Courtney "waves" xoxo