Kristen Off To Brazil. Chris Weitz Shares Filming Deets

Kristen if off to Brazil to be with Taylor for New Moon promo, starts with a press conference in São Paulo November 1. That is THIS Sunday! source

Chris Weitz Shares NM filming details.
USA Weekend The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Nov. 20) For efficiency's sake, all scenes with water effects were shot in a single day in this sequel to last year's vampire hit. "One scene called for Kristen Stewart to float completely still in a pool under 12 feet of water," director Chris Weitz says. "She seemed apprehensive, so I thought, 'I'll show her it's no big deal' and put on a wet suit. I was at the bottom for no time at all before I freaked out." Weitz adjusted the shot; now she floats atop the water. "I learned my lesson: Never ask an actor to do anything you won't do yourself."