How Rob-Addicted Are You?

By Jag of Random Acts of Rob.

"Stage 1: The Experimenter – you watch HP GoF and Twilight. You get your first glimpse of Rob and have that holy sh*t moment.
Stage 1: He's kind of cute, I wonder who he is. I'll check the credits at the end of the movie.
The rest of the stages after I get my next RobHit from the RobPipe (oooo so durty)…

Stage 2: The Social User – you casually browse the internet for video & pictures.

Stage 3: The Full Blown User – right-click save has caused your hand to start to resemble a mangled claw. You have an extensive perhaps hidden stash of Rob Porn that you visit several times daily.

Stage 4: The Addict – you find yourself trolling blogs, Rob sites, tweeting other addicts trying to find anything you can about Rob & his whereabouts.

Stage 5: The Dealer – making videos and Rob Porn, twittering & posting pics and Rob Porn to Addicts, users, social users and experimenters in an attempt to hook them further.

Stage 6: The KingPin Dealer – you start a blog, website or write your own fan fiction. At this stage your addicted and dealing RobPorn like it’s your job LOL. "

Fcuk me crazy, I am a KingPin! Not that I am surprised. Thanks to JAG! Holler! Now, its your turn, what is your level of Rob- craziness?!