KStew Gives Jawporn - Updated

Our RobSten are really starting to look very much alike. Surprisingly-NOT, in this shot KStew gives Rob her own jawporn femme hotness. Fierce!

Ok, my lovelies where do you think these two are staying? Any sightings yet? Is Rob booked in a hotel all his lonesome? Chateau Marmont again? Or is he staying in his non-girlfriend's house guest room? Or are they housewarming KStew's new house that she mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel? And what do you think they are doing? Playing Twilight Scene-It with Kristen's brothers? Or the New Moon boardgame? I love your crazy "theories" - please do share!
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Welcome to our newbies, GiGi from France and Anon, welcome to the RobSten madhouse! "waves"