KStew Vid: Lip Biting Mashup

This is for Gen and Ines. My "hardcore" Kristen dealers!

"We can't keep them in the store. People keep coming in and stealing Rob and Taylor ! And it's usually middle-aged women." —A Nordstrom employee regarding the life-size New Moon cardboard cutouts of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner , promoting a New Moon Fashion line. While we prefer the term vintage-aged women, this Nordstrom babe insists the experienced gals aren't swiping Rob and Taylor for their kids. Hey, aren't these the same women defending R.Pattz over at Summit ? Let the babes... "source

This lol news have been going around since yesterday! How I wish I could get hold of that Rob cutout, too. I have been planning to do this for ages haha, guess other matured ladies beat me to it. We have a new friend Gin0271, hey there and welcome!