Interview For Sunday Times (UK) Has Been Dazzled

Fans of the Sunday Times interviewer Camilla Long were treated to apparently real-time updates of her interview with Twilight star Robert Pattinson, thanks to the wonder of Twitter. To say she is a convert to his charms doesn't quite do her justice. "I am interviewing him and am basically beside myself and was not knowingly a fan before," she tweeted her Sunday Times colleague India Knight. "Robert Pattinson just kissed me. Actually did ... Clean smell, delicious beard ... not a fan before, am definitely now …"

Camilla Long is a writer for the UK's Sunday Times.

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New converts makes me gushy- happy! Indeed, it IS never too late to be "dazzled" by Robward! And noone seems to be immune...

Roger Ebert: "Discovering An Important New Actress".

After Roger Ebert, the biggest and most respected critic today, tweeted after seeing the WTTR screening: "Kristen Stewart is a fine actress. Saints preserve her from Twilight." , he finally wrote summary/reaction of eight films he saw at Sundance, two of them being WTTR and The Runaways. I believe he really like what he saw. Here's what he had to say:

The Runaways:
The Runaways A somewhat fictionalized version of the life and times of the 1975-77 teenage girl rock band best known for Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) and Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning). No members were over 16 when they were packaged as "jailbait rock" by snaky producer Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon). They dressed like hookers and dominatrixes, they idolized the Sex Pistols, but they were also insecure and immature young girls. Currie almost went down in flames, and the movie is based on her autobiography, Neon Angel.

Joan Jett still tours today, and is an intact survivor. The movie reproduces the Runaways' actual music, which is no better that you might expect, but the acting is very convincing. Kristen Stewart proves once again that she's a rising star, and Dakota Fanning is such a fine actress that I, for one, almost believed I'd always heard her using the f-word. As for Michael Shannon, is he the most unheralded force in acting today, or what?

Welcome to the Rileys:
Welcome to the Rileys was one of the buzz champs of Sundance 2010. The discovery once again is Kristen Stewart, who after this year's festival can be considered completely rehabilitated after the "Twilight" films. The lead is James Gandolfini, as an Indianapolis plumbing contractor who goes to New Orleans on a business trip and meets (quite innocently) a runaway lap dancer who may be 16. At home, his wife (Melissa Leo) hasn't been able to leave the house after their own daughter's death, and Gandolfini decides on the spot to sell his business, stay in New Orleans, and rescue this angry and damaged girl.

That sounds like unlikely melodrama? So it is. But Gandolfini, Stewart and Leo inhabit it with persuasive performances, and director Jake Scott uses French Quarter locations that add another level of atmosphere. Gandolfini does something here he often does, as in John Turturro's "Romance & Cigarettes" (2005): He demonstrates that although he may not be conventionally handsome, when he smiles his face bathes you in the urge to like him. Kristen Stewart here is tougher even than her punk rocker in "The Runaways." Who knew she had these notes? I'm discovering an important new actress.

source via kstewartfans and delaneyg84

I am really happy with this review, especially coming from the respected Mr. Ebert. I just wish that the critics can do so without any Twilight bashing. It is just unnecessary and it hurts me on a very personal note. I am sorry it's just me.

Ted Bitched Back! Thanks Mr. C!

This really made my day yesterday! Well, the lovely Ted Casablanca always makes my day but this made me laugh so hard. The sender probably was related to our "friend" here before. To my regulars you would know what I mean. The sender also forgot that Ted himself is a "devoted RobSten blogger". - LMAO. Sorry to bring this up again guys. I promise this will be the last time. Thanks again Ted for bitching back on our behalf.

The Awful Truth January 30, 2010
Dear Ted:
Thank you for supporting Rob and Kristen. I love them as a couple, but I don't like all these bloggers who are too dedicated to both of them. Kristen likes to keep her personal life as private as she can. What can you say about Kristen's big problem with the bloggers? Don't you think bloggers are more of a burden than a blessing for her?

While K.Stew may want to keep her love life on the DL, she needs her name in the headlines if she wants her career to keep skyrocketing. So we bloggers may be a tad bit annoying, but our obsession with all things Robsten is just making Kristen a bigger and bigger star each time she's mentioned.

Err... okay let us change topic... don't you love this winter-themed RobSten manip! It's just beautiful! Holler to the artist!

Vote For Kristen For Glamour's Most Stylish

Kristen Stewart
Age: 19
Made The List Because: Kristen’s punky style shocked conservative Hollywood (but in a good way). She famously teamed a Yigal Azrouel mini dress with a pair of Converse trainers on the 2009 MTV Awards red carpet – and actually got away with it!
Vote here

Kristen and Dakota as Joan and Cherie are featured on MakeUpForEver's new poster! I guess they recreated the 70's look for The Runways. source

Oldie But Goodie: ComicCon 2009's Naughty Rob

Since it's a slow weekend... Here's one of my fave RobSten clip from Comic Con 2009. Naughty Rob! What do you think Rob did to deserve that look from our baby girl, Kristen?
Thanks to Parryphrase ! Miss you bb...

New Moon DVD Special Edition - Mexico

Box #1 includes: DVD Box Single, Trading Cards, Certificate, and Tote Bag.

Box #2 includes: DVD Box Single, Trading Cards, Certificate, New Moon Edge Bracelet, and Messenger-style Backpack.

Box #3 includes: DVD Box Single, Trading Cards, Certificate, New Moon Edge Bracelet, and Hat.

Box #4 includes: DVD Box Single, Trading Cards, Certificate, New Moon Bracelet, and Ink Logo Shirt.

Mexican fans are so lucky! So jealous... teehee

source via RPLife

Vanity Fair Q & A Welcome To The Rileys

Watch Kristen's reaction at 6:38 after the interviewer calls Mallory a "quasi-prostitute". I love how she is so defensive of her character.

Edward And Bella = #1 Unforgettable Couple

Edward & Bella are No. 1 in their Top 10 Unforgettable Couples. Check the rest of the mag scans at RobwardandKrisella2. Via ROBsessed

RobSten Fanvid: Calling

OMG! This vid is so sweet and beautiful! And it's made by my lovie, Gen/bai777! Great song by Filipino talent, Karylle and Gil Ofarim. I'm still gushing... Thanks so much for the dedication bb! Awww...

More Kristen Candids From Sundance From Larry Richman

Thanks to LarryRichman/larry411 of

Leonardo DiCaprio Talks About Rob's fame

Starts at 1:56. He says RPattz

Thanks to new affiliate and vid source TwilightBritneyFan

Rob and Kristen's New Moon PressCon Pics

These are just few of my faves. Click at RPLife /PattinsonLife posted by ljmd for Rob's HQ and kstewartfans for Kristen's.
A special birthday shoutout to Everblue and jojo_9030! Happy, happy birthday to you my lovies! Me loves you both!

RobSten Fan Vid: Shopping With Mr. Pattinson P2.

I hope you did not miss Part 1 ! Thanks smb2323!

Kristen On Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue

Thanks to kstewartnews for the tip! The Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue hits newstands February 9!

Cool Animated RobSten Manip! Update: DanaStew Look-Alike

UPDATE! Apparently, the young man photographed with Kristen upon arrival at LAX, was the nephew of The Welcome To The Rileys producer, Giovani Rossano. His name is Daniel Rossano, and he says that Kristen is "grounded, talented, and down-to-earth". He is now pretty famous on Twitter because of his new friendship with our doll!

To all you guys who reminded me to clear this up, thanks! *waves* Thanks Everblue!

Thanks to Ahbel for this great manip and Les for sending this to us!

Remember Me "Ask Rob" Vid #2 -March 1 NYC Premiere

Talks about working with Pierece Brosnan

Remember Me Facebook Page

Remember Me March 1 NYC Premiere
GossipCop There has been a lot of Internet speculation about the premiere of “Remember Me,” starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, and Pierce Brosnan.

The film, which revolves around two people who fall in love as they cope with tragedy, was shot last summer in New York. And that’s precisely where the premiere will be, says a source.

Gossip Cop is told that, as of now, the stars will walk the red carpet in New York on March 1.
“Remember Me” opens nationwide on March 12.

Generally, premieres are closer to the film’s release date, but because Pattinson is working on “Bel Ami” in Europe and can’t go back and forth, “Remember Me” will have it’s big red carpet at the same time he’s doing its press junket in the Big Apple.

New Rob Pic "Remember Me" Promo Shoot

Kristen and Anna: Too Good For Twilight?

Twilight darlings Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick are quickly breaking out of their vampire coffins. We're all aware by now that Anna has received tons of acclaim for her performance alongside George Clooney in Up in the Air, and Kristen was the talk of Sundance town.

Got it?

That's why we think yesterday's item about Kristen and Robert Pattinson was totally fair game. We're not "pitting them against each other," as so many Twi-screamers say, but pointing out R and K both have the opportunities with their upcoming flicks to become major players in this entertainment biz.

Heck, while Ashley Greene is shooting some horror movie in Germany and Kellan Lutz is losing Barbarian roles, Kendrick is picking out her Oscar gown! And According to people who have worked with Kristen, she, too is already headed for Oscar's stage—and we don't mean as a presenter:

"Kristen's got this innate quality, that gift, that not everyone has," Welcome to the Rileys director Jake Scott told us. "She's magic. I can see it happening. I can see her becoming a major star. She's grounded, which is important to say about her. She's really grounded. She's a cool chick."

Oscar-nominated actress Melissa Leo, who costars with K.Stew in Welcome, was eager to throw in her experienced two cents on Kristen's potential.

"I'm sure she'll be up there on that stage one day, I'm positive."

Leo, whose performance in Frozen River last year put her in a gown alongside Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet, says she sees a lot of herself in young K.Stew.

"Something happens with actors who are committed to what they do. We enjoyed each other because we were so serious about work; we adored each other."

Dang, if we were Kristen, we'd not only have suck faced with R.Pattz in public 232 years ago, we'd be nervous about acting out possibly two more of Melissa Rosenberg's movies. After what seems like a lot of successful reviews post-New Moon, it doesn't sound too fun to go back to your not-very-well-written roots.

We all know Anna Kendrick's thinking the same damn thing, right?

Everyone in town is expecting A.K. to get a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Now that she's been catapulted to the major leagues, we bet this petite cutie is counting her blessings that she has maybe two lines in all the Twilight flicks. It actually wouldn't surprise us if Annie wanted to finagle her way out of the franchise, seeing as movie offers are pouring in for her now, but she strikes us as the type to stay loyal to her fans, à la Kristen.

Stewart would never leaver her Twi-fans high and dry (as if Summit would let her), but it'll be interesting to see if K.Stew is as eager about two Breaking Dawn flicks as she might have once been. Come on, Stephenie Meyer, let's do one more movie. For all our sake yeah!

And some more RobSten in The Awful Truth/Ted C.
Dear Ted:
Is the rumor about Rob Pattinson's mother wanting him to get Kristen Stewart pregnant true?
Dear Baby-Mama Drama:
Hold off on the baby-bump watch—Kristen and Rob are both focusing on their booming movie careers and are happy to leave the diaper changing duties to their Twilight alter egos. For now, at least.

Dear Ted:
What's going on here? We haven't had big news about Robsten for too long! Come on, you met Kristen at Sundance, I know that you know something! Lately you left some little clues, but nothing very big. I hope Summit has nothing to do with your decreasing news. We need you! I'm ready to fight for your press freedom! —Ilaria
Dear Conspiracy Theorist:
Don't worry about me—Summit could never keep my lips sealed when it comes to my fave couple, but between Sundance and the Help for Haiti telethon, Rob and Kristen have both been crazy busy doing their own things lately. It won't last, though.

Dear Ted:
I just want to comment that your coverage of Robsten is shamefully the best! I'm a closet Robsten fan (I think it stems from my love of the books and Edward-Bella romance). Keep up the dirty...I mean,! —Robsten Enthusiast
Dear Come Out of the Closet:
There's no shame in loving Robsten! Two of the sexiest young stars in Hollywood starting a sizzling romance? Who wouldn't be a fan?

Dear Ted:
Will Reese Witherspoon make a play for Rob Pattinson when they film Water for Elephants? Was she, in fact, integral to him getting the lead role? —Ali
Dear Who Knows:
You never know what Reese will do for a little publicity, especially when it involves "romancing" a younger stud, but I think it's safe to say Kristen doesn't have to worry about Rob leaving her for this Legally Blonde. Rob's not a game-player, remember?

Our dear Ted is such a tease - LOL

Rob's Sparkly New Comic - UPDATED

E! On Line Lady Gaga and Robert Pattinson have more in common than you think—they both like to sparkle, they both can sing and they both look fabulous in cartoon form.

The second installment of Bluewater Productions' new comic book line, Fame, features none other than your favorite sparkle vamp. The 32-pager doesn't hit comic book stores and until May, but E! News has the exclusive first look.

The issue, written by Kim Sherman and drawn by Nathaniel Ooten, with the cover created by Juan Mar Studios, delves into the star's music, modeling and of course those dreamy roles he played in the Harry Potter and Twilight movies.

"I chose to conceptualize A-lister Robert Pattinson from a unique perspective, immersing the reader into the life of the talented actor beyond his most famous role," Sherman says.

"It's our hope that even the most devoted fans will discover a fact or two that takes them completely by surprise," Bluewater president Darren G. Davis says.

Author Stephenie Meyer has already been immortalized in comic but worry not K.Stew fans! She'll get her time to shine soon enough.

The inspiration! Rob in GQ!

More info on the ComicBook
But there’s more to Pattinson than fake fangs, faraway looks and tousled
hair. Pattinson is an accomplished musician, a former model and an actor who’s
played both a wizard at Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School and the artist
Salvador Dali.

Bluewater Productions in May will ship FAME: Robert Pattinson to comic book
shops and retailers across the country. This 32-page comic will trace
Pattinson’s career from his first performance in Tess of the D’Urbervilles at
London’s Barnes Theatre to his star turn in the Twilight movies.

Count interior artist Nathaniel Ooten as one reader who’s gained a new
appreciation for Pattinson’s career since reading Sherman’s script.

“Working on this book has opened an entirely new level of Rob Pattinson for
me,” Ooten said. “Before starting, I was only aware of the ‘teenage
vampire’ Pattinson. After reading the script, studying the subject and listening
to his music, I not only became very interested in Pattinson’s future work,
but also discovered a new appreciation for this ‘teenage vampire.’”

source via RPLife

Remember Me "Ask Rob" Screencaps

Kristen on Breaking Dawn And Chris Weitz

Vid by ericastorm Thanks to kstewartfans!

Xavier Samuel Talks About Rob and Was Asked About RobSten

Yummy Riley! Starts at 1:00.
via RPLife . Thanks!

GossipCop On Kristen's Bar Rejection Rumor- Update On Jared Leto Rumor, too.

GossipCopThe new Kristen Stewart rock pic The Runaways made a splash at Sundance, but it was an alleged bid to get booze that wrongly made headlines.

According to an OK! magazine item picked up and spread everywhere, the Twilight star tried to get into a happy hour at Tao in Park City, Utah on Saturday, “but much to her dismay, she was denied entrance because she was underage,” according to a so-called “onlooker.”

Along with two companions, Stewart reportedly “went around the back entrance and just wanted to hang out for a little bit” before attending the Joan Jett concert, the mag’s witness claims. But when they started walking in, “the bouncer stopped them and asked for their IDs,” turning the 19-year-old Stewart away despite her friends’ protests. “They huddled up for a few minutes, discussing what to do next and eventually left,” claims OK!’s “eyewitness.”

All of this would be (mildly) interesting… if it were true.

But this version of events, in which Stewart wanders around and looks to kill time at a happy hour, never happened.

Here’s how Stewart actually spent Saturday, a member of her entourage exclusively tells Gossip Cop.

At 2:15pm there was a Sundance premiere for Stewart’s other new film, Welcome to the Rileys, followed by a Q&A session. Everyone then went back to the hotel, changed, and headed out for a Runaways cast dinner at a restaurant called Spruce. After eating, Stewart and others went straight from dinner through the backstage door at Harry O’s to attend Jett’s performance.

The actress went from her Rileys commitment to the Runaways dinner to the concert, never stopping for drinks.

Gossip Cop is glad to have bounced this bogus bar story.

If you noticed, I did not repost that stupid story here because I never believed it in the first palce and I think to come up with something like that is all BS! Good thing, GossipCop is a RobSten follower and def on Team Stewy.

And on that note, I would also like to touch on that Jared Leto rumor that he was barred or something to see Kristen, as averred by Perez H. (pffft!). The truth was that he was there and enjoyed The Runaways after party with the rest of the guests. Pictured here with his brother, Shannon. More pics here Hi there Headmistress! *waves*

Kristen's On Set Interview- The Yellow Handkerchief P2

via Kstewartfans

Facebook Releases First "Ask Rob" Video. Bel Ami Update!

Bel Ami Update:

Ben Parker, a London-based musician, has been tapped to tutor the cast of Bel Ami with singing and music lessons.
Ben confirmed his appointment with and we are excited to share this news with you and also to make you aware of Ben’s music. Not only is he a solo musician, but Ben has recently founded a new band, Braxton Hix.

For now he has only been given a small brief in what is the pre-production stage of making the Bel Ami movie.
Filming of Bel Ami is set to begin February 15. We will keep you posted!

Joan Jett Talks Kristen. 5 Things Joan And Kristen Have in Common

What was it like seeing Kristen Stewart play you?

I think she's a really real person. She's authentic. She cared about it, it wasn't just a gig. She cut off her hair, she really immersed herself in it. I don't mean to put words in her mouth, but what I get is she feels she has to do it justice. She knows The Runaways have fans, she knows I have fans, and she was concerned about being authentic. I found her wonderful to be around. We got along great. It's really scary-- when you see us together physically, the energy is so similar. The way we move, the way our hands move and our hair, the way we talk, we start and don't finish sentences. It's really bizarre, but in a great way. When you see Kristen singing, that's really her singing. Same thing for Dakota and Cherie. I think they did an incredible job. I was very proud.

5 Things Joan Jett And Kristen Have In Common.
It may look like Kristen Stewart and Joan Jett share only their hairstyles, and that's true for the most part. The stark difference between the icon and the actress is what makes The Runaways so enticing. What director wouldn't say "get me America's favorite virginal vampire lover to play a feminist glam-rock queen"?

Still they must have something in common besides a love of razor cuts! Check out what I found below.

1. Los Angeles: While Kristen was born in LA and spent most of her childhood there — save a stint in Colorado — Joan Jett arrived when she was nine. Both were able to capitalize on the location. Joan hobnobbed with what few female rockers there were and honed her trademark style, and Kristen's LA connections got her discovered in a school play.
2. Hit it big at 18: Joan made it onto the international scene with the band's eponymously titled album, The Runaways, while Kristen made it huge with Twilight's release two months after her 18th birthday.
3. The guitar: Both Kristen and Joan's instrument of choice is the guitar. Though Kristen plays the guitar while filming The Runaways, it sounds like the music is dubbed over with Jett's rifts. It will be Kristen's voice though!

4. Contractual obligations: I'm making an assumption, but considering Kristen's two Sundance films star her playing a rock star in one and a prostitute in another, she's not letting her agent typecast her as the naive fauna of Forks, WA. Of course, she has contract obligations to finish the Twilight saga, and Joan Jett knows something about that. After The Runaways broke up in 1979, she was forced to complete a film about the band and had to use actresses instead of her departed band mates.
5. Vegetarianism: Joan is a longtime vegetarian and advocate while Kristen skips meat, too. In fact, in the movie Bella eats garden burgers and salads, which is a departure from her carnivorous book character.
Posted by dorcii in kstewartfans . Thanks!

Edward and Bella's Twilight Kiss - One Of The Decades Best

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's kiss in Twilight has been voted one of the best kisses of the last decade.

The tender moment, which occurred in the first film in the vampire saga, came fourth in the survey.

The survey was conducted by Selfridges ahead of the opening of its kissing booth at its flagship store in London next month. The rest of the article at the source via PattinsonLife

Here's an Edward and Bella kisses/tender moments montage! Enjoy!

RobSten Fanvid: If It Kills Me. Never Fades Away.

I totally love the song. Thanks sweetie, Fradigre/Snowqueen

Great vid by BadassKstew Thanks bb!

My lovie on twitter @kellyprovence mentioned that this song was on Rob's daily playlist and months later became Kristen's favorite. I'm thinking Twilight shooting days... Check out the words! I can so picture Rob singing this to her! Our Rob and Kristen are such old souls and aren't you glad they found each other in this crazy world!

Rob vs. Kristen Who Moves On Better?

The Awful Truth/Ted C. With all the positive hype surrounding both of Kristen Stewart's flicks at Sundance, it got us thinking more about Robert Pattinson's also blossoming and promising career, and what we can expect in Remember Me.
If you all remember, we heard that Rob's acting was quite good in the upcoming drama costarring Emilie de Ravin.
So what, then, is worrying some suits who are busily involved in R.Pattz's big-screen ambitions?
Says one of our studio moles:
"Kristen's performance always pulls you out, whichever film she's in. You forget that she even was in Twilight. Rob...not so much."

Now put away your stakes R.Pattz lovers, this isn't a dig at our boy's acting ability. What apparently has a few execs concerned—at Summit, for instance—is that Pattinson's Remember Me persona is quite similar to what many have already enjoyed Rob in: the brooding, troubled outcast. You know, head down, heart troubled.

We could watch Rob read a phone book and not get bored, and that goes for Twi-hards who love Pattinson in anything, too.

What our studio insider tells us is just the littlest bit worrisome: that R.M. won't bring in a new audience, which K.Stew apparently does with her upcoming film The Runaways.
In Rob's defense, people have already seen Kristen in many mainstream versatile roles (Panic Room, Into the Wild, Adventureland), while Rob's range is hidden in more indie movies like Little Ashes, which had a limited release.
What will be interesting to watch will be the box office in March. Kristen's film, The Runaways, comes out March 19 while Rob's movie Remember Me gets a release date a week earlier on March 12.
We don't think either movie will bomb, but the roles that follow (or lead to a little golden statue eventually) could be impacted by these "after New Moon" movies.

And hey—don't kill the messenger. Just passing along a li'l bit of info floating around the studio set that's so manically preparing Rob to take over the world, post-Twilight.

Like Ted said, "don't kill the messenger"- LOL

More EW 2009 Rob/TwiTrinity Outtakes - Good Grief!

Thanks to Delaneyg84. Bless you bb!

Sorry Tay, I love you and all but Rob and Kristen need their sezy time. I wonder where our boy's right hand is? Clutching Kristen possessively again? LOL Poke! Rob cannot resist that mini on her! Her legs are to-die-for! He is so smelling her hair, Teehee!