Ted Bitched Back! Thanks Mr. C!

This really made my day yesterday! Well, the lovely Ted Casablanca always makes my day but this made me laugh so hard. The sender probably was related to our "friend" here before. To my regulars you would know what I mean. The sender also forgot that Ted himself is a "devoted RobSten blogger". - LMAO. Sorry to bring this up again guys. I promise this will be the last time. Thanks again Ted for bitching back on our behalf.

The Awful Truth January 30, 2010
Dear Ted:
Thank you for supporting Rob and Kristen. I love them as a couple, but I don't like all these bloggers who are too dedicated to both of them. Kristen likes to keep her personal life as private as she can. What can you say about Kristen's big problem with the bloggers? Don't you think bloggers are more of a burden than a blessing for her?

Dear Robsten.com:
While K.Stew may want to keep her love life on the DL, she needs her name in the headlines if she wants her career to keep skyrocketing. So we bloggers may be a tad bit annoying, but our obsession with all things Robsten is just making Kristen a bigger and bigger star each time she's mentioned.

Err... okay let us change topic... don't you love this winter-themed RobSten manip! It's just beautiful! Holler to the artist!