Chris Cooper Talks Rob, Shooting in NYC

With Sundance still in full swing, MTV got a chance to catch up with actor Chris Cooper (he plays the father of Ally) in Park City and ask him about what is sure to be one of the bigger movies of the year: "Remember Me." Though the film isn't at the film festival, Chris had a few things to share about working with Robert Pattinson.

"We put up barricades 90 feet from the scene, and the people and paparazzi just didn't care," Chris said about the people who would swarm to watch scenes with Rob being filmed. "Robert was really under the gun, under a lot of pressure, and I know he's kind of learning to deal with it. And it's a lot to deal with."

Chris attributed "instant messaging" (the older generation's all encompassing term for text messaging, Facebook, and Twitter) for the amounts of people who would flock to the "Remember Me" set when they shot outdoor scenes. He said having NYU's campus nearby meant a lot of young female fans came to the set for a chance to see RPattz.

"He was doing scenes with a crowd of people 30 feet away from him and the paparazzi would not stop clicking the camera and there was a couple of hot, heated periods with the director [Allen Coulter] with that kind of intrusion," Chris said. "I know at his age, no way I could have handled it."

Coming from an Academy Award-winning actor, that says a lot. But Chris came into his own in Hollywood at a much later age than Rob did, and we wouldn't quite classify him as a young heartthrob, so when he makes comments like, "I think this is all kind of new to Robert," we think he might be talking more about himself than the man who has worked publicity for two "Twilight" movies. MTV