Kristen Befriends Strippers, Hates Boredom

Ted C./Taryn R The AwfulTruth
We had the pleasure of interviewing one of our fave girls on the planet, Kristen Stewart, earlier today at the Sundance premiere of her film Welcome to the Rileys.

K.Stew looked Park City chic, bundled in a green jacket with her dark Joan Jett hair loosely pulled back, and was eager to talk about one of the roles she claimed to be most proud of. In WTTR, Kristen plays a "working girl," as she prefers to say, making it clear to her fans out there she's not just Bella Swan from Twilight.

Read on to hear Kristen talk about befriending strippers, what bores her, and how she freaked out before taking it all off onscreen...

Everyone is raving about your performance—how did you prepare for this particular, shall we say, slightly more risqué role?

"Umm, Jake [Scott, the director] had a lot to do with my preparation and understanding of the type of person I was playing, and his serious regard of sensitivity towards those people. I play a girl who has sort of been stripped of any choice and really stripped of any normal upbringing. Like she couldn't establish who she was because of things that have happened to her and she became a 'working girl,' if you want to call it that.

"So in preparing for the role I talked to a lot of people, actually like three people in New Orleans, that were strippers that were working in this bar that we ended up using in the movie...I don't really prepare for anything, it's just about like, keeping it in your mind the whole time. If it affects's just about understanding it more, it's not about having to like physically—oh, but I did have to do pole dancing lessons! But you don't really see that in the movies."

Oh, so you've got some sexy skills now! "Yeah yeah."

Do you get nervous when you have to shoot the more provocative scenes?

"I was freaking out! The thing is my character is so, like, she just doesn't care. Basically nothing belongs to her. She'll give it to you like it doesn't bother [her]. So I had to drop that. She literally walks around with an open sore. Literally! She's just constantly like, 'Ugh, I'm fine, whatever.'"

Now that you're getting back to work, please tell us you were able to enjoy your time off after all the New Moon press.

"Yeah, I'm actually bored for the first time in, like, ever. So, yeah, I really want to get back to work."

We doubt Robert Pattinson is boring, but glad to hear our gal really is a working girl...well, you know what we mean.