Can Kristen Strip Away Bella Swan?

The Awful Truth by Ted C.
"No. We read the blogs, and they are really supporting the transition from the Twilight series to being a really serious actor."

—Welcome to the Rileys producer Giovanni Agnelli, along with Scott Bloom, when we asked if it'll be hard for Twi-fans to see Kristen Stewart (beloved as Bella, 'course) in a far more provocative role

Everybody knows by now K.Stew plays a stripper and gets pretty close to naked in WTTR, but the Sundance buzz on her new flick was that she totally pulls it off, so there.

Hey, why don't we see Robert Pattinson in those kinds of risqué roles? Surely it would only help him out...but more on that tomorrow.

Err, hello, Kristen was already a "really serious actor" way before Twilight was even written. You would think as a Hollywood insider, a producer would know- Alas! he also is not aware. I don't know why Kristen's outstanding performances pre-Twi is now suddenly being "forgotten". I also do not know why Twilight, which I think was well-acted, is being dismissed because it was a huge commercial success. Tsk, tsk...
Hullo Ted? where have you been? Ever heard of Little Ashes and Rob's current project , Bel Ami? Now, the word "risque" is an understatement. Cover your eyes Flippy- brace for tomorrow