Kristen and Anna: Too Good For Twilight?

Twilight darlings Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick are quickly breaking out of their vampire coffins. We're all aware by now that Anna has received tons of acclaim for her performance alongside George Clooney in Up in the Air, and Kristen was the talk of Sundance town.

Got it?

That's why we think yesterday's item about Kristen and Robert Pattinson was totally fair game. We're not "pitting them against each other," as so many Twi-screamers say, but pointing out R and K both have the opportunities with their upcoming flicks to become major players in this entertainment biz.

Heck, while Ashley Greene is shooting some horror movie in Germany and Kellan Lutz is losing Barbarian roles, Kendrick is picking out her Oscar gown! And According to people who have worked with Kristen, she, too is already headed for Oscar's stage—and we don't mean as a presenter:

"Kristen's got this innate quality, that gift, that not everyone has," Welcome to the Rileys director Jake Scott told us. "She's magic. I can see it happening. I can see her becoming a major star. She's grounded, which is important to say about her. She's really grounded. She's a cool chick."

Oscar-nominated actress Melissa Leo, who costars with K.Stew in Welcome, was eager to throw in her experienced two cents on Kristen's potential.

"I'm sure she'll be up there on that stage one day, I'm positive."

Leo, whose performance in Frozen River last year put her in a gown alongside Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet, says she sees a lot of herself in young K.Stew.

"Something happens with actors who are committed to what they do. We enjoyed each other because we were so serious about work; we adored each other."

Dang, if we were Kristen, we'd not only have suck faced with R.Pattz in public 232 years ago, we'd be nervous about acting out possibly two more of Melissa Rosenberg's movies. After what seems like a lot of successful reviews post-New Moon, it doesn't sound too fun to go back to your not-very-well-written roots.

We all know Anna Kendrick's thinking the same damn thing, right?

Everyone in town is expecting A.K. to get a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Now that she's been catapulted to the major leagues, we bet this petite cutie is counting her blessings that she has maybe two lines in all the Twilight flicks. It actually wouldn't surprise us if Annie wanted to finagle her way out of the franchise, seeing as movie offers are pouring in for her now, but she strikes us as the type to stay loyal to her fans, à la Kristen.

Stewart would never leaver her Twi-fans high and dry (as if Summit would let her), but it'll be interesting to see if K.Stew is as eager about two Breaking Dawn flicks as she might have once been. Come on, Stephenie Meyer, let's do one more movie. For all our sake yeah!

And some more RobSten in The Awful Truth/Ted C.
Dear Ted:
Is the rumor about Rob Pattinson's mother wanting him to get Kristen Stewart pregnant true?
Dear Baby-Mama Drama:
Hold off on the baby-bump watch—Kristen and Rob are both focusing on their booming movie careers and are happy to leave the diaper changing duties to their Twilight alter egos. For now, at least.

Dear Ted:
What's going on here? We haven't had big news about Robsten for too long! Come on, you met Kristen at Sundance, I know that you know something! Lately you left some little clues, but nothing very big. I hope Summit has nothing to do with your decreasing news. We need you! I'm ready to fight for your press freedom! —Ilaria
Dear Conspiracy Theorist:
Don't worry about me—Summit could never keep my lips sealed when it comes to my fave couple, but between Sundance and the Help for Haiti telethon, Rob and Kristen have both been crazy busy doing their own things lately. It won't last, though.

Dear Ted:
I just want to comment that your coverage of Robsten is shamefully the best! I'm a closet Robsten fan (I think it stems from my love of the books and Edward-Bella romance). Keep up the dirty...I mean,! —Robsten Enthusiast
Dear Come Out of the Closet:
There's no shame in loving Robsten! Two of the sexiest young stars in Hollywood starting a sizzling romance? Who wouldn't be a fan?

Dear Ted:
Will Reese Witherspoon make a play for Rob Pattinson when they film Water for Elephants? Was she, in fact, integral to him getting the lead role? —Ali
Dear Who Knows:
You never know what Reese will do for a little publicity, especially when it involves "romancing" a younger stud, but I think it's safe to say Kristen doesn't have to worry about Rob leaving her for this Legally Blonde. Rob's not a game-player, remember?

Our dear Ted is such a tease - LOL