Kristen Is Hello Mag's Most Attractive Woman and Rob is #2 Most Attractive Man

Results are in!
It's an event that's 12 months in the making - the culmination of's most attractive and most elegant polls draws interest from around the world and gets readers clicking in their thousands.

The battle for the most attractive man title turned into a two horse race, with Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson and House star Hugh Laurie neck and neck right until the end. At the close of the poll over 500,000 votes had been cast in this category alone and last year's winner Rob was eventually beaten into second place by fellow Brit Hugh. The final outcome showed just how close the result was with only 4,770 votes seperating the two.

Hugh led with 25.4 per cent of the vote, while Robert's fans amassed just under a quarter of the total.

Her Twilight co-star just missed out in his category, but Kristen Stewart took gold by a landslide in the most attractive woman section. The pretty brunette's fans helped her accumulate just under 35 per cent of the poll. HelloMag
I'm no bitterbitch (but sometimes I am) and I have nothing against Hugh Laurie ( I love House), but we all know who is most attractive man in that category and it sure was not Mr. Laurie. It only shows that all the anti-Rob voted for him. Well, its not a big loss anyway! Congratulations to Dr. House. Rob might even voted against himself and clicked on Hugh- LOL. And to our lovely kitten, Kristen! Congratulations! You deserve it 100%
Lastly, I dare not care about the most elegant woman- she is just NOT! Huh? there are 3 categories? I didn't even notice- LMAO. That last bitchiness was heartfully dedicated to my own Flippy- the one and only!