No Truth To Rob and Simon Cowell Record Deal

We can’t help but think The Sun wanted news about Simon Cowell, wanted news about Robert Pattinson, and, when nothing materialized, decided to throw the two together.

Today came a story (picked up everywhere) claiming Cowell has approached Pattinson “to sign a major record deal,” and that Pattinson “can basically write his own cheque.” What’s more, The Sun insists, Cowell’s offer has triggered a bidding war among record labels for Pattinson’s musical talents.

“Twilight fans are such an excitable bunch I’m wary of even letting this out the bag for fear of the hysteria it will unleash,” the item’s author begins, immediately before stirring the pot with no word from Pattinson’s side or Cowell’s. In fact, the only “source” who does speak supplies the story with an easy exit, saying, “Robert is reluctant to be turned into a pop star… He is a bit wary of signing up with Cowell who is, of course, associated with X Factor and pop.”

Gossip Cop is “a bit wary” of the entire premise. While it’s true that Pattinson enjoys playing music, he’s focused on a skyrocketing career in acting. No one whom Gossip Cop asked about the Cowell rumors said anything to the contrary. Claims that Pattinson is in talks with the X Factor impresario are off base. GossipCop