The Impromptu Poll Results: Taylor hot, Alex Hotter, Rob Pattinson Hottest

Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson is king of the vampires. He topped True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård and “New Moon’s Taylor Lautner by a wide margin in an Improper poll.

The final results are in after fans cast nearly 8,000 votes. Rob leads with 66 percent of the vote, followed by Alexander with 21 percent of the vote and Taylor with 13 percent.

Rob’s dedicated fans turned out in droves to express their feelings for the star of the “Twilight” series. Taylor is building his own fan base since his star turn in “New Moon” but Team Taylor is no match for Team Rob.

TheImproper via RPLife

UPDATE: David Slade tweets about Eclipse
"Big day, screening 1st director's cut to the studio phase 1. THis will be the first time anyone out of editorial has seen the cut. "

Okay, I hope the teaser trailer comes next. Maybe in time for the Remember Me screening? but that is still 42 days away. Sooner I hope because we need to be "teased" now...