Kristen On Joan Jett And The Whole Blogger Problem

Joan Jett has a great admirer in Kristen Stewart. The young actress told me about her respect for the rocker Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival.

"My biggest problem is bloggers," Stewart said of her modern struggles, compared to Jett's burden of breaking into the boys club of rock music.

For being a girl playing guitar, "Joan had bottles thrown at her," Stewart marveled.

"What she has now is a thick, developed armor," Stewart said. "She's in tune with herself, honest, and has a self-preservation thing."

And about those pesky bloggers, perpetuating a maybe-romance with "Twilight" leading man Robert Pattinson?

"Hearsay is sometimes really awesome and sometimes really destructive," she said. "I don't care."

Is this the part where I am supposed to cry "ouch"? Anyhoo, I'd like to believe we are on the "really awesome" part. If not, at least she doesn't care. And that is why we love her!