Rob vs. Kristen Who Moves On Better?

The Awful Truth/Ted C. With all the positive hype surrounding both of Kristen Stewart's flicks at Sundance, it got us thinking more about Robert Pattinson's also blossoming and promising career, and what we can expect in Remember Me.
If you all remember, we heard that Rob's acting was quite good in the upcoming drama costarring Emilie de Ravin.
So what, then, is worrying some suits who are busily involved in R.Pattz's big-screen ambitions?
Says one of our studio moles:
"Kristen's performance always pulls you out, whichever film she's in. You forget that she even was in Twilight. Rob...not so much."

Now put away your stakes R.Pattz lovers, this isn't a dig at our boy's acting ability. What apparently has a few execs concerned—at Summit, for instance—is that Pattinson's Remember Me persona is quite similar to what many have already enjoyed Rob in: the brooding, troubled outcast. You know, head down, heart troubled.

We could watch Rob read a phone book and not get bored, and that goes for Twi-hards who love Pattinson in anything, too.

What our studio insider tells us is just the littlest bit worrisome: that R.M. won't bring in a new audience, which K.Stew apparently does with her upcoming film The Runaways.
In Rob's defense, people have already seen Kristen in many mainstream versatile roles (Panic Room, Into the Wild, Adventureland), while Rob's range is hidden in more indie movies like Little Ashes, which had a limited release.
What will be interesting to watch will be the box office in March. Kristen's film, The Runaways, comes out March 19 while Rob's movie Remember Me gets a release date a week earlier on March 12.
We don't think either movie will bomb, but the roles that follow (or lead to a little golden statue eventually) could be impacted by these "after New Moon" movies.

And hey—don't kill the messenger. Just passing along a li'l bit of info floating around the studio set that's so manically preparing Rob to take over the world, post-Twilight.

Like Ted said, "don't kill the messenger"- LOL