GossipCop On Kristen's Bar Rejection Rumor- Update On Jared Leto Rumor, too.

GossipCopThe new Kristen Stewart rock pic The Runaways made a splash at Sundance, but it was an alleged bid to get booze that wrongly made headlines.

According to an OK! magazine item picked up and spread everywhere, the Twilight star tried to get into a happy hour at Tao in Park City, Utah on Saturday, “but much to her dismay, she was denied entrance because she was underage,” according to a so-called “onlooker.”

Along with two companions, Stewart reportedly “went around the back entrance and just wanted to hang out for a little bit” before attending the Joan Jett concert, the mag’s witness claims. But when they started walking in, “the bouncer stopped them and asked for their IDs,” turning the 19-year-old Stewart away despite her friends’ protests. “They huddled up for a few minutes, discussing what to do next and eventually left,” claims OK!’s “eyewitness.”

All of this would be (mildly) interesting… if it were true.

But this version of events, in which Stewart wanders around and looks to kill time at a happy hour, never happened.

Here’s how Stewart actually spent Saturday, a member of her entourage exclusively tells Gossip Cop.

At 2:15pm there was a Sundance premiere for Stewart’s other new film, Welcome to the Rileys, followed by a Q&A session. Everyone then went back to the hotel, changed, and headed out for a Runaways cast dinner at a restaurant called Spruce. After eating, Stewart and others went straight from dinner through the backstage door at Harry O’s to attend Jett’s performance.

The actress went from her Rileys commitment to the Runaways dinner to the concert, never stopping for drinks.

Gossip Cop is glad to have bounced this bogus bar story.

If you noticed, I did not repost that stupid story here because I never believed it in the first palce and I think to come up with something like that is all BS! Good thing, GossipCop is a RobSten follower and def on Team Stewy.

And on that note, I would also like to touch on that Jared Leto rumor that he was barred or something to see Kristen, as averred by Perez H. (pffft!). The truth was that he was there and enjoyed The Runaways after party with the rest of the guests. Pictured here with his brother, Shannon. More pics here Hi there Headmistress! *waves*