Kristen At Brunch Jan 24

@taryder: At a brunch and who walks in? Kstew of course. Dark jeans, black jacket
@taryder: At Gersh Brunch...wish I looked that good in the morning! I'm strugglingggg
@theawfultruth at brunch with kristen strwart....what a doll
@theawfultruth kinda wanna let her be....lets let the poor girl eat in peace! will be seeing her later
@heypopsugar: Kristen is grabbing brunch. Looks pretty, casual of course in black hoodie

UHMM okay people are ... interesting lol

@JaredEng: Leftovers from KStew's omelette that she washed down with a bloody mary.In signature hoodie & jeans! pic here

@JaredEng: Kstew was here 4 brunch at ridic huge mansion. Runaways premiere is tonight.

via Kstewartfans