Elizabeth Reaser Talks Rob and Kristen

She may be the sweet, smiling matriarch of the most beloved vampire family in the world, but that doesn’t mean Elizabeth Reaser can’t still be a badass.

With just a few weeks remaining before New Moon hits theaters, we caught up with the 34-year-old actress sometimes known as Mrs. Esme Cullen during her final days on the “Eclipse” set. During an exclusive chat with MTV News, Reaser was eager to talk about ripping apart mountain lions, asking for Robert Pattinson’s autograph.

MTV: Do you own any “Twilight” memorabilia?
Reaser: My mom bought some Esme bracelets. I’m sure I could borrow one from her if I wanted to. But I don’t have any memorabilia. I have my director’s chair [backing]. But I should get something, take something back from set — maybe I could get Rob to sign it.

MTV: Finally, what in your opinion is the secret behind the success of the “Twilight Saga”?
Reaser: Well, I think the success of the “Saga” is the books. The books are just beautiful, amazing, great storytelling, and Stephenie is a great writer. And then, I think we got incredibly lucky with Kristen and Rob — they’re just great actors, and you just can’t not fall in love with them and want them to be together. You get invested in the two of them. That has a lot to do with it, and people are just really into vampires, so I think that has something to do with it. The Cullens, they’re an interesting group of vampires. They’re all really good, but kind of bad. I mean, they are still vampires. I imagine Esme going out in the middle of the night and ripping apart a mountain lion. That’s kind of fascinating.
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