"New Moon Kiss" RobSten- Edward & Bella Heat Up In New Scene

In the "Twilight" Nation, every leaked shot is cause for celebration, every new piece of footage is reason to skip school, and every new glimpse of Robert Pattinson is the highlight of a given week. It's no surprise, then, that the Internet is abuzz with a never-before-seen clip from "New Moon" that features a scintillating smooch. OME, indeed.

"It's still my birthday," Bella (Kristen Stewart) asks in an early scene from the November 20 "Twilight" sequel, noticeably swallowing her fears over a blossoming romance with vampire Edward Cullen. "Can I ask one thing? Kiss me."

The clip plays for only 47 seconds but will undoubtedly be replayed for hours by drool-heavy Twilighters wishing they could get a similar wish on their next birthday. Looking like he's about to cry, RPattz leans in and lets KStew wrap her hands around his face, simultaneously kissing his leading lady and conveying the sense that Edward is battling back the temptation to make the human his late-night snack. (err, was that it? I thought he sounded he wanted to have some more sezy time!)

The two star-crossed lovers swap spit for 14 seconds, each moaning to convey their mutual desire and sense of danger. Edward doesn't say a single word during the clip, but he doesn't need to.

For those outsiders who accused Pattinson of less-than-stellar acting in the first "Twilight" film, the clip seems to promise that the fast-rising heartthrob is a lot more than a pretty face. For the millions who long to similarly lock lips with Edward Cullen in front of Bella's beaten-up truck, the scene is a dream come true — glimpsed briefly in the "New Moon" trailers but far more potent when played out as a whole.

As Twilighters know, the scene represents a rare moment of peace between Edward and Bella, a calm before the "New Moon" storm that is yet to come. And in the eyes of those fans, November 20 can't come soon enough. MTV.com