Woody Allen Says Kristen is Pretty- Updated With GossipCop's Response

Woody Allen is famous for picking out young up-and-coming Hollywood beauties to serve as his muses, and his next possible selection could be great news for all you Twi-hards! The superstar director spoke to HollywoodLife.com on May 26 at 92nd Street Y in NYC, and it sounds like he’s got his eye on Kristen Stewart. “The girl is pretty,” he told us exclusively. “I’ve seen her in the ads and the trailers, but I haven’t seen any of the [Twilight] movies.” OK, so he may not know K-Stew’s name yet, but the fact that he’s seen her (and likes her) is definitely a good sign!

If you need an idea of Woody’s taste in muses, past selections include Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Evan Rachel Wood. We think K-Stew would fit PERFECTLY into that mix!
source via fiercebitchstew

Mr. Allen, wait till you see her act.  You'll be blown away. Woody Allen literally creeps me out but I have to admit the old guy knows talent and beauty when he sees one. Oh Mister, you have seen nothing yet!

ETA:  GossipCop already has a say about this article. Read on.