Rob and Kristen Mentions at The Orlando TwiCon

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T_Mauricexo Aw Boo Boo said that when he had to take serious pics for Summit, rob was behind the camera trying to make him laugh.
Nikki, Kristen, and Ashey had to do a fight scene where they were al back to back fighting off people and that's when K hurt her thumb.

Mandysmind Patrick says Taylor's quiet and mysterious, Rob and Kristen are great, they're all down to earth and normal, have humility.
Nikki, Ashley, Kristen did a girl fight, with their backs together, kick ass, very  "Charlie's Angel" for a Breaking Dawn Part2.
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via viaThanks for the heads up Clarice.
Patrick Brennan plays Liam of the Irish coven in Breaking Dawn P2.