Full Video MTV's 'The Buried Life' - Where They Found Rob - Spoilers

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If you don't want to waste 11 minutes of your life watching the video, they don't show Rob's reaction to the dare. "For legal reasons we can't show you the footage".

Hollywire chatted with The Buried Life's Ben Nemtin this morning and he gave them the low-down on the much anticipated episode:

So... were the funny foursome excited about their Twi-hard challenge?
"We had mixed feelings. Johnnie was not excited, but Duncan and Dave were fired up! Duncan is a huge Twilight fan," joked the MTV personality.

With the guys always going to extreme lengths in order to accomplish their list items, it can only be imagined what they did for this dare. Ben told Hollywire exclusively,
"We become paparazzi and sneak into the Soho house where we end up finally finding Robert."

So the three questions that must be answered are: Do they actually get the coveted lock of hair? Who does the scissor work? And, where is the hair now!? According to Ben, all goes well and, he said:

"Yes we do get the hair!"

SPOILER: While no footage was shown of the actual hair clipping, the closest the guys got to Rob, from what the viewers could see, was this Edward Cullen cutout.