Make Up Artist Beau Nelson Talks About Kristen's Make Up Looks, Faking Bigger eyes, and Skin Care

The Examiner Beau Nelson is the makeup artist to the stars, and creative director of Beaute Cosmetics, which in turn means our guru to follow. In the following Q&A with the artist, he answers some questions you've been dying to know. Here's what he had to say about makeup, Kristen Stewart, and skincare:

What is your all time makeup faux pas?
I think as long as foundation matches the skin, everything else is a matter of taste.

Which celebrities have you worked with?
Kristen Stewart, Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Kate Beckinsale, Uma Thurman, Milla Jovovich, and many others

Is there any look they all ask for at some point?
Each of my clients is pretty individual, I think the one thing they all expect from me is beautiful skin, beyond that we like to switch it up. I try to keep my clients looks very current and fashion forward.

Can women actually make their eyes look bigger? How so?
Beige eyeliner on the inner rim can extend the white of the eye making the eyes appear a bit bigger and more "doe" like, but sometimes just drawing attention to the eyes using smoky shadows can make them the focus of the face without making them look bigger.

You work with Kristen Stewart quite a bit (and are responsible for some AMAZING looks, if I must say), what is your favorite look to give her?
The think about Kristen is that shes very open to experimenting. I can literally come to her with an idea and most of the time shes totally up for it. I know she does love her smoky eyes though, but I try to do a completely different look on her every time we work together.

What are some makeup looks fellow fair-skinned readers can steal from her?
Shes back to Brunette now, but when she was blond we experimented with color a bit. We did a dark green smoky eye and also a burgundy one and kept lips neutral. Peach blush also looks very pretty on fair skin, especially if you have any red undertones in your hair.

Is there a specific skincare line that you refer to your clients?
I love and personally use the Kanebo Sensai line of skincare and I tend to give it to all my clients as well. I also use the clarisonic, which I think makes a huge difference in the skin.