Video: Jake Scott Talks about WTTR and Kristen + Why There is No Pole Dancing for Mallory

When we were in Sundance Kristen just kept getting mobbed! It must be very difficult. Especially since she's like a little punk rocker.


Jake talks to BostonGlobe - Talks about Why He Did Not Include the Pole Dancing Act Itself.

“I came to it as a father,’’ says Scott, who, with his wife, Rhea, has four children ranging from 5 to 16 years old. “I was fascinated by the idea that these conservative Midwestern people are contending with something that’s impossible to imagine. And they go on this journey to this place that is completely opposite to their world and connect with someone who is so horribly damaged.’’

On why he drew away from showing the pole dancing scene:
While filming the movie, Scott was concerned about exploiting Stewart’s character by including gratuitously sexy scenes of her in the strip club. There was, he says, pressure to depict her pole dancing, but he adamantly refused. “It was very hard to explain to them — I understand why they wanted it — Kristen Stewart, who’s got a bum like an apricot swirling around on a pole,’’ he says. “I thought it would destroy the character and disrespect people who have lost children. It would be an immoral act.’’