Possible Rob, Kristen, and Breaking Dawn Filming Updates

Some possible updates... still... take this with a grain of salt.

LaineyGossip "First things first – the relationship, they’re fine. They’re working. They’re good. There’s much less work tension on this set than the last one and so they’re actually getting on well. This week they’ve been shooting scenes at the Cullen home as Bella is very, very ill. Yesterday they both had the day off. Today they’re back on set for a scene from Breaking Dawn Part 2, a vampire bonfire and sharing war stories. Next week they work 3 days in the field with the Cullens and the bad vampires. Then beginning December 23, they’re off for the holiday break. They continue to shoot the battle for a week when production resumes in January. That’s still a ways ahead. Will let you know more then. For now, understand their schedules are quite similar. When there are days off – and he has more than she does – those days almost always coincide. By design."

via RobStenLoveCom

She also talked about the 'Water for Elephants' trailer but like other reviews, I don't really care about them- positive or otherwise. I am not influenced by them, not one bit. Who cares what they think anyway? Like they know better. Sorry, but I won't be posting any trailer reviews here.
Oh and I haven't forgotten that this blogger is a Rob hater. Jeesh, who doesn't? Info is still info, hence the 'grain of salt' reminder. Do you see me posting her personal views. No? then Shut it! Spare me the snark.
On the lighter side, since we are on the subject of trailers, please check out the preview of Tom Sturridge's latest film, 'Waiting for Forever' - Rob's bff stars with 'The OC's Rachel Bilson. Watch here at MTV