Old Vid of Jesse L. Martin Talking About Kristen in 'The Cake Eaters'

source Thanks to RobStenxxx/rtpkjsx3 for the link. It's been so long since I last saw this vid and I believe I have not posted it here before. So, enjoy!

"No airs about her whatsoever. And that's the best kind of actor, best kind of person you could ever deal with. And that girl is super, super, super talented. I mean, she starts really getting into it. It's almost heartbreaking like no matter what she is doing. It's almost heartbreaking because she really does look like that girl, move like that girl. I don't even know that girl but I feel like I do know now because this girl embodied her so well.... God bless her I hope she does she really, really well. I'm sure she will. I know she will be brilliant in the movie because from what I've seen. She's the sh*t! She really is."

Jesse L. Martin costarred with Kristen in 'The Cake Eaters'  I remembered this hottie in ' Ally McBeal', way back. Ooh yeah!