RobSten FanVids: Going Strong. You and I Were Meant To Fly

You and I Were Meant To Fly Rob's POV

DebbyPiz91/CSI_Robsten OMRP!  Love this! Great editing and the Rob quotes at the end leaves me 'dead' - lol. This guy is clearly soooo in love with his baby!

Going Strong by Libenet

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Libenet "This is my Christmas gift to all the Robsten fans. Hope you'll like it :)
- It's also a VERY belated Happy Birthday to my sweetest Gigi (love uuuuuu pussycat;))
- I owe the Newmans/Robsten comparison pics to S/RobStenation.

Love you Gigi, I can't believe we missed your birthday! Belated greetings to you sweets! Love this Lib! I'm amazed how sweetly you capture R/K's loving glances every time. Makes us all melt. Aww.