Ashley Greene Answers Questions About BD. Mentions Alice's Vision and Bella's Dress "It's beautiful, really lovely"

TwilightMoms was able to chat with Ashley Greene during the Eclipse DVD Signing in NYC recently.  "Please note some of this is paraphrased- I didn’t get to record the interview."-Kara.

Kara of TwilightMoms: “There have been many rumors about Alice’s visions- can you tell me what they are really about?”
Ashley: “No! But I can tell you that there are so many visions and so many ways to interpret them- Bill Condon and I sat down to go over many of the options- I’ve had a lot of input on them- but I can’t tell you the details yet….”

Kara: “As Alice- have you had fun planning the wedding?”
Ashley: “Yes! What we have worked on so far looks amazing- I’ve seen drawings of the dress and it’s beautiful- it’s really lovely- don’t worry! It’s going to be a great scene when it’s all done”

 We're now relying on you Ashlice. lol 'Beautiful and lovely', though kinda generic, work for us.