Rob, Kristen and the rest of the TwiCast Spotted Last Night in Baton Rouge

Updated! Tweet from TwiSaga's Alec CameronBright "We are homeward bound today. Christmas break!"
danielcudmore "Really excited to be heading home for Christmas break!"

From peterfacinelli "Family's comin' for a visit... Goin' down to New Orleans."

So the party last night was some kind of Christmas party for the cast. Sorta. And the Volturis started their break, and maybe a few more days filming days for the Cullens. 

todotwilightsaga twilightmb

This tweet from judishekoni, Breaking Dawn's Zafrina confirms the Cast Party last night.
"Tired after nite shoot but gonna muster all my energy to go to a cast social event... Get ready louisiana we're coming to get u tonite! 

via RPattzBaby
Last night December 18th, Saturday.