The TwiTrinity's Pre-Signed Eclipse Pic - Eclipse DVD Signing Session in BR

As you all know Summit scheduled some of the TwiSaga Cast to attend Best Buy's Eclipse DVD Special Signing Sessions in selected areas in the US. There was no schedule for the Big Three but some lucky folks in Baton Rouge, did get the chance to have this autographed picture of the TwiTrinity. Lucky! Thanks for the pic RobStenLustCom

@Alice_InTwiland Many fans are reporting on Twitter that Rob was not the special guest at the “Eclipse” DVD signing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. However, the front part of the line did receive a signed picture by Rob, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. Very cool.

@T_Mauricexo No special guest in BR. Rob, Kristen, and Taylor WERE NOT there. First part of the line at the best buy in BR got a photo pre-signed by Rob, Kristen, and Taylor

Check out the pics of the Cast during the Signing  HERE at TwilightMB

Tweets compilation via spunk_ransom

Rob signs 'on' Kristen's image. hehe