New FanPics of Rob in London. Kristen Sighting in Los Angeles

Another pic of Rob. Christmas eve, December 24th. Thanks hannahnewton via

Picture caption: RPatz @ “pub” in London "It’s from tonight, it’s London, about an hour ago (thats about 00.30 in London) N ( the one on the right) spoke to him for about 40 mins, shook his hand, got a ciggie from him (she doesn’t smoke) and he kissed her cheek!- carol Saxon"
flippystew via

Updated!More tweets:
Via @Kaz03 "Rob pattinson and beckham in one day! Merry fuckin christmas.  Harrods bro. And rob patt 2cm away. Sitting on same bench." 6:22pm December 24th

Via @panicatthedisco "Christmas Eve dinner with mum,@jaxies,@lukewarriner and @luciebean.Off to the xxx for Christmas Eve drinks w/Robert Pattinson now. Robert Pattinson and Peter Snow spotted in the pub tonight as expected. #christmasevecelebspotting  Just bumped shoulders with R-Patz in the gents…truly this is a magical Christmas.I will never wash my shoulder again.Merry Christmas all!

Via @nestlemilkybar  "So I actually did spend tonight with Robert Pattison. once I’d got over my sickness. Should be more excited right? He’s just a normal dude. Merry Christmas by the way!!!!!! (ps: Lainey and him were in the same drama group so we all had drinks together! Cool huh!) 10.30pm

"Talked to Rob for 40 minutes and she didnt ask a pic with him but settled for a creepy pic." Good point by @bordt lol

There was also Kristen sighting in Los Angeles today. Fan said she was with her dad.
 charmizane "I just saw Kristen Stewart out with her dad.she made me do a double take, if she had been with RPattz I might have died."

If LA sighting is true, we assume that Rob and Kristen are maximizing the mini-break to be with their respective families. They will be back to work early January. Or ...Kristen will follow to London or  Rob will fly to LA to welcome the New Year.

I really cannot tolerate 'worried' comments now. I always say I have followers who are 'thinking fans' - lets just do that. They cannot be always joined at the hip, right?