Some Possible Info About The WFE Trailer *Spoilers*

Some info about the trailer...if at all true.  Might be *spoilerish* so its under the CUT

We will all know by Friday!

Post updated!

From imdb via @WFEFilm and DrownInIt

Yeah you see a lot of Rosie the Elephant! She does a couple of tricks in the trailer. Reese also does a couple of splits and what not. She looks like she did a lot of training.

It’s weird how much a haircut can make you look at an actor differently. You kind of do a double take cause you’re so used to Rob as Edward Cullen. Very refreshing not seeing the gelled up hair. Looks more clean cut.

He’s introduced looking at a tent being put up… I think. He is smiling in wonderment, Hal Holbrook is narrating. Most of Rob shown is him making goo goo eyes at Reese. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just what they show most. The dinner table scene is shown quickly. Reese sort of looks nervous, Christoph is yelling.

The sets and costumes are top notch. Take Tim Burton and knock it down a couple notches into reality.

"Work at a theater so got to see the trailer early. It's going to be a very pretty looking movie. The score is beautiful also. But the trailer focuses seems to play like the most important thing is a love triangle.

I know it's important in the book, but I hope the movie doesn't make that the main concern since there are so many other things going on.

Christoph looks amazing as usual. Resse didn't say much in the trailer but is looking sexy in some skimpy yet beautiful clothing. There is one shot where she is lying on top of a horse in a sexy manner.

Rob looks seems very chilled. Nice to see him out of the Twilight universe. Overall, I wish it looked a little more gritty and they downplayed the love triangle stuff."

"It's a full trailer. It's about 2 1/2 minutes or so. Oh yeah Hal Holbrook is doing some good acting also.

But Christoph looks like he is going to steal the movie. It opens with his silhouette in top hat and coat saying, "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the greatest show on earth." Or something similar.

Wished they showered more characters in the trailer. You never really see anybody else except the three main chracters. But it overall, it's going to get some buzz once the trailer gets flowing."