Merry Christmas 2010 - Sticky Post

Merry Christmas guys! 
Of course, we wish Rob and Kristen the very best for the Holidays. You can share your Christmas wishes for our lovebirds here... 
You can be serious, funny, sexy but please do not forget to be classy. lol .
Lemme start...I wish them more enhanced ninja powers...more private time to be with each other, family, and friends... and more love, pure RobSten love! 
Also, happy birthday to the TwiSaga Queenbee, Stephenie Meyer!

I am aware of the 'supposed' airport sightings and 'reported' destinations... but may it be London, Los Angeles, or anywhere else...let's just wish Rob and Kristen a peaceful and a relaxing Christmas, ok?
Wanna check out what's on your Christmas stocking? lol
Let me include this pic that our BFF Bill Condon sent via Twitter - 'Charlie Swan's residence'