Old/New Pic of Rob with Fan - July 2010 + Fan Encounter


Thanks @DrownInIt  "From early July. Kristen took the picture. :)"

Thanks BellaC. for sending this info from the AT Boards I then verified the comment numbers.

Comment  #630 - From Georgina
"Ok here it is. my picture with robert taken by kristen in a resort hotel in santa barbara, july. they were very nice. they were sharing a meal eating on the same plate. i didn't want to disturb them but i had to because i'll never have this opportunity ever again. kristen refused but its ok. she gave me an autograph instead.
Comment #638
Yes 4th of july weekend
Comment #651
They seem like a normal couple. just having dinner together. my friend heard robert call kristen honey but i though i heard baby. i really don't know for sure. hehe. the staff said they were staying in the villa so we really didn't see them much around.
Comment #668
That was taken in california while i was having a vacation 2 months ago. i'm not form the US. they look like a normal couple to us. they were eating on the same plate, sitting next to each other, talking, kinda touchy but nothing major like kissing or hugging. kristen's really short but she's prettier in person. robert looks good too."
Comment #677
my daughter has kristen's autograph. she's in california. i'll ask her to scan it for me next time.