Kristen Quotes About Her Past Movie Roles

Kristen Stewart on her movie role in Zathura:
"[This] was my first comedy, so I had a lot of anticipation and apprehension as to how I was going to react to situations that are over the top and hokey and hysterical. I was too embarrassed to explore the scenes and be free with them. [Director Jon Favreau] helped me to push past my inhibitions because he was very in tune to how his actors were feeling."

"Comedy is kind of a serious business, you know. It's all about timing. But it's not that big of a deal. [I have to] go with it."

Kristen Stewart on her movie role in Twilight:
“I feel like it was a big responsibility and I was really intimidated for a while, but now that it’s done…I feel good. I’m really proud. I’ve never worked so hard on another movie.”

“Bella is a very honest…straight-up, good-natured girl who found herself in an insane position…[She’s seemingly logical, and then all of the sudden she’s thinking of herself as a psychotic person and [she’s] just swept away by something more powerful than her. Every girl wants to lose herself…I could relate to her.”

“[Robert Pattinson] throws me over his back [in one scene], right before he’s going to tell me that he’s a vampire, and then he runs over the treetops. And [we were] in real treetops…not just CGI…We actually [got] to go up there, and that’s what I’m stoked on.”

“Bella starts off as a pretty logical, sort of objective girl and gets swept away by something she never thought imaginable.”

Kristen Stewart on horror movies and ghosts:
"[Asian films are] not as heavy-handed as American films. They tend to take their time a little bit and let you think for yourself before they hammer you in the face and smash people's brains in and drag them off into the woods...I think they're smarter. I mean, not to generalize about stuff like that but...I like their slow deliberateness."

"I like when all of a sudden you're watching a movie and it slows down and you're like, 'Oh...something's definitely going to happen' and you know it, but even when it does, it still scares you just as much."

"Ever since I've been a kid, I've been absolutely, totally scared of ghosts. Like whenever I would run around my house terrified when I was five years old, it was always because of ghosts. But I definitely haven't been inclined to sit down and type 'ghost' into Google."

"Halfway through [shooting the film The Messengers], I had a really trippy experience in my hotel room. It was an old hotel. One night, it was insane, I opened my eyes and this image of this woman just filled my entire view...I let out the most gut-wrenching scream. People called the hotel room to see if I was okay."

[On shooting The Messengers]: "I thought doing this would be a nice break. I could just go and do this little horror movie...but it was one of the hardest jobs I've ever taken on! It was just physically strenuous having the same expression in so many frames. [There's] scary face one, scary face two...For two weeks straight I was just screaming and acting terrified."

Kristen Stewart on her movie role in In the Land of Women:

"It's a really nice, bold, coming-of-age story. I [could relate to the character]. I definitely felt that when I turned sixteen, I kind of came out of it, too."

"Basically, [In the Land of Women] is about people talking to people. I'm the daughter with the typical problems with her mother and the typical problems of high school and growing up and insecurities. Through talking to this guy, she kind of realizes a lot about herself, what type of direction she'd like her life to go in."

"[In the Land of Women shows a] really typical relationship where you don't quite know why but you're not getting along with your mom. You just don't want to share certain things with her, and there's a resentment. You don't necessarily believe that (your mom) is there for you--it's sort of fake. I've never had any weird problems with (my parents), but I totally see Lucy in a lot of my friends."

"With Carter, [Lucy] gets her first sense of puppy love even though he's way too old for her. At first she has romantic expectations, but it's more that she's lost and here's this guy who is there for her and he listens to her. Carter teaches Lucy a valuable can't allow your fears and resentments to inhibit your life."

Kristen Stewart on auditioning for and shooting her movie role in Into the Wild:
"I went in and played 'Blackbird' for [Sean Penn]. That's a hard song to sing to...I'm not a singer. I can play it but [Sean] was really funny about it. He asked me if I didn't want him to look at me. 'Do you want me to turn around?' 'No, you have to see it.' But I'd never done anything like that."

"[David Baerwald and Sean] wanted a simple love song or something that a young girl would write. They said I should just go see where it takes me."

"[Emile Hirsch is one of the most confident actors I’ve ever worked with. [He said] ‘Don’t worry. Don’t think about it until he calls ‘action.’”

“I completely idolize [Sean] as a filmmaker. As a person, he’s just great and has the most massive amount of integrity. He’s great, self assured, and sure of his convictions and clear thinking.”

“[Sean] always says that he doesn’t pull performances out of actors but he puts you somewhere where you are comfortable enough with yourself to be able to give that much…He’s the most gentle guy. It’s easy to give him what he wants. You have a driving force. He cares so much.”

Kristen Stewart on her movie role in The Cake Eaters:

“[My character is] fighting for that last bit of independence from her mother and she wants to do one thing on her own before she dies…so she picks a guy. It’s a really nice, optimistic, triumphant [life] story and I love it. Mary Stuart really did a phenomenal job. I love her, too. She’s amazing.”

Source: Kristen Stewart: Bella of the Ball! by Jo Hurley/source/kstewartfans