Have you heard the song "Robert Pattinson'? lol

A German band, Montgomery Shrapp composed this song entitled 'Robert Pattinson'. It's pretty weird, though not really my type of music. Lol at the lyrics, check out below why. Check out their mySpace or NOT. Oh my! lmao

'Robert Pattinson'

I never needed you in twilight
So file that stupid chasteness
And deliver what makes me shiver
Deliver what makes me shiver
Give floundering rapture'n'brutish desire

I know that you're tired of biting
So let me take over, honey
I'm starving to eagerly snack on
I'm starving to eagerly snack on
That something that's revelling and seething below

Robert Pattinson, don't be afraid

Wanna tipple your spittle'n'fiddle'n'nibble'n'dribble
Just a little
So if you, boy, ever desired a bit of disgrace
Allow me to deflower you
Allow me to deflower you

Free me
From this persisting lack
Carry out the utopia
That I'm addicted to

Move me
Groove me
Inhale me
Willing, obsessively

I know you know how to shake that thing, baby

Let this noshing make us go insane
While my fingers dishevel your famous hair
Give me your wet-red-heated lips
And it goes down so well

Robert Pattinson
Your voice on my skin
Your songs are tattoos
Branded on my soul