New Possible Sighting of Kristen in Arizona, Updated! Spotted at the Airport

Updated: Source via Steffi1581   Leslie D. "I saw her at the airport in Phoenix." . Sept 26th. No other info.

New possible Kristen sighting in Arizona: via whf_violet 2  Thanks to KStewAngel and JossMed

"Just saw Kristin Stewart at XXXX Sushi Bar :) haha!
11 hours ago
It is amazinggg!! OMG! AMAZING!! Better than anything I've had in Tucson. It actually was a close call to Sushi places Ive had in California.
11 hours ago

no. But i smiled at her and she smiled back! haha (:
I didnt want to interupt her cause her waitress already went in the back and screamed and it was obvious and she was wearing a shirt that said Get Off My DIck. yeahhh
6 hours ago

haha (: yeaaahhh she bought ssooo much sushi.
6 hours ago

haha. yeahhh.
and I think she owns a house here. and it looked like she was with a family member or just a guy that looked related to her.

Yes shes pretty and really skinny. She has perfect skin (:
She was wearing a Beatie Boys shirt and on the back its said GET OFF MY DICK :o
I was like okkkk. haha
12 hours ago

She really pretty. And so tiny.. 6 hours ago


And a possible Rob sighting at Gaz’s Rockin Club last September 23 via

As per these sightings,  Kristen is still filming 'On The Road' in Arizona (which I really believe she is) and Rob is having a relaxing time in London. Anyway, since no fan photos are making their way to cyberspace. Not that I'm encouraging you guys to ask for photos... lol You know the drill -  grain of salt, everyone.

Oh and Dina, most often than not the simplest explanation is the most logical. Believe me. lol

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