New Pic of Kristen in London- May 25, 2011 Plus Fan Encounter


harviikills *Ahh! Me and Kristen Stewart Yesterday!! :D
*Kristen walked out the car, no one recognised her, and i screamed!! and she turnt around and i begged for a pic. and she did it, and i was like WE HAVE THE SAME GLASSES! AND SHE WAS CRACKING UP SAYING THANKYOU!! xo.
*Didnt take a pic with anyone else :)
*(There were) 4 PEOPLE! :D, But this man put a book in her face and she said no!! xo
*She looked banging even without makeup!! She smelt normal! Haha!
* She was nice! i had the same glasses as her, i was telling her i love her!
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I believe the man with the book is an autograph hound, an Ebay-er, that's why she said no. 
About Kristen's KGB shirt, I guess this is the new Stoli shirt. lol

Added  Harviikills picture with Rob at the 'Remember Me' London Premiere. source via victoria1985  This might be a repost.