More Press Junket Interviews. Ten News, Glamour UK, and Sky Italy

Rob's Full Interview with Ten News- Sydney Press Junket

Posted some bits of this interview early this month
Talks about craziness of fans during premieres, "my ovaries are exploding" sign, etc.
Talks about working with Tai, his character Jacob, song titles as pickup lines. lol, "I don’t see nothin wrong with a little bump and grind."  They  talk about animal welfare in circus and movies. And that he would love to return to Australia for BD promo.

2 More vid interviews from Glamour UK and Sky Italy under the CUT

Rob's Interview with  Glamour UK

Transcript of this interview posted here
Talked about working with animals, circus tricks ( he wanted to learn how to juggle), the Royal Wedding, hanging out with the TwiCast even after the project is over, and he talked about him being a style icon. lol People copying his style, missing a button or two when doing his shirt.

Better version of Rob's Interview with Sky Italy. Now you can hear him/Via
In case you missed the translation of this interview- click here

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