Rob's Interview with Sky Italy- Answers Fan Questions

Translation by CSI_Robsten
at 2:22
"Jacob is a romantic and melodramatic hero. Would you behave like him in real life? - "Yeah, I think so. I think what I love about Jacob is that he doesn't force Marlena to do something she doesn't want to and steal her away. He just wants her to understand what he feels."

Facebook questions:
at 2:58
Is there a role you would never accept? - "I'd never play the backside of a cow"
at 3:12
Since you're so funny,would you ever do a comedy? - Well,yes,but it's quite difficult to find scripts that are actually funny, and I didn't start my career as a comedian.
at 3:26
Describe yourself in 3 words - "I don't know. Whenever I'm asked this question I always answer I don't know"
at 3:36
In the circus,who would you like to be:a clown,an acrobat or a tamer? - Definitely an acrobat.Not a tamer,because even the best ones end up with only one arm.

Translation via Lala/C
Interviewer asks him, how are you? and Rob answers Bene (good). Girls you do not have to fear Kristen Stewart but Tai the elephant, lol.
Q: How did this fatal attaction with Tai start?
A: Fatal attraction? . during rehearsals i immediately understood that she would be very good and i thought that it was going to be a great movie.
Q: but you fell in love as soon as you saw her just like with a puppy.
A:yes, i went to see her at her place and there were 6 or 7 elephants. staying amongst them i experienced a sense of calmness.
Q: is there something that fascinates you with the circus? or something you do not like? (could not hear last bit well)
A:the circus is a world apart. you feel contrasting feelings about it from curiosity to a sense of fear of what could happen because you realize that the people who work there risk a lot everyday. its a world in which you have to stop and think before judging things.
Q: jacob, your character is a romantic, melodramatic hero, in real life would you behave like him?
A:i think so. what i like about him is that he does not force Marlena to do what she does not want, but makes her realize what is good for her.

Questions from fans.
Q: is there a role you would never do?
A:let me see, the backside of a cow. lol
Q: Valeria asks,since you are so funny, would you consider doing a comedy?
A: thank you Valeria, yes but i have not seen a good comedy script yet.
Q: describe yourself in 3 words
A: I always answer this the same, i do not know.
Q: Fiammetta would like to know what circus character would you prefer, a clown, an acrobat or a tamer?
A: an acrobat, never a tamer because even the best risk ending up with a severed limb.