Possible Ninja Sighting: Rob at Adele Concert in Toronto

Singer joywilliams tweeted hours ago and mentioned Rob at Adele's concert at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, May 18th...


Singer joywilliams "along with @allisterann, may or may not have been mere feet away from Robert Pattinson tonight backstage. "

shot7news/RichardBudman#Adele packed the house at sold-out Toronto #ACC last night. One dude that managed to find a coveted ticket - #Twilight's ROBERT PATTINSON

via DrownInIt and MusingsOnOther Tink of ROBsessed RPLIfe

If you missed it,  Adele mentioned Rob before in an interview

I pray that this is true. If yes, hoping for pictures. Rob and Adele will be epic.