WFE Berlin PressCon/Photocall - April 27, 2011


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Updated with more HQs and videos, Rob says "Wasser fur die Elefanten"
I also updated the tweets during the presscon- there's one Kristen mention. 

Presscon Video

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Washington Post has an article with quotes from the Press Conference.

Tweets from the PressCon. 
Lara82Earlier that day, at the press conference, Rob told the reporters that his new dog is in LA right now. When one reporter asked him what Berlin gifts/souvenirs he bought for Kristen, he smiled and said, that he hadn't bought anything yet but that he'll think about something. When my friend Mel asked him, what he thought was the funniest scene they filmed for W4E, he thought really hard about it & told her, most likely always having to play to be drunk and getting aware of how u might act or seem to others, when u r really drunk.. And also another funny press conference detail: Reporter to Rob: "So, what kind of girls r u interested in more - the ones who r hard 2 get for you or the ones u can get easily?" Christoph Waltz: "Ahm, Rob can get every girl easily...!"

TwilightWiki Rob is wearing a dark shirt and it seems like his hair is darker as well...the hairstyle of Edward Cullen. Rob has been to Berlin when he was 16 or 17...he remembers different bars he was at at that time lol Francis says it was more pleasant working with the animals on set than with Lady Gaga. If Rob would have to chose to be an animal at the circus he would be a bear. Rob hasn't thought about his birthday yet according to what he's gonna do or what he would like to get as gifts. Rob just said "Wasser für die Elefanten" in German. In real life Rob never could imagine to disturb and endanger an existing marriage. Francis says the fans who visited the set behaved very respectful and he really liked to work with Rob. Christoph: Working with Rob was very productive and inspiring.

ToR "Press junket ongoing now! Rob is giving interviews now: loads of fans in front of where the pressjunket is (translation from german tweets)" PressCon location

RedCarpetReports.De All the info about the Water for Elephants promotion in Berlin - April 27th as previously posted